There is a severe problem with Jeffree Star. He's racist, narcissistic, and he has constantly stepped into drama that does not involve him. He never misses an opportunity to "cancel" someone, even if what they did could never compare to the mistakes he himself has made. So yes, Jeffree sucks, but do we care? No! What do we actually care about?

We care about stopping global warming.

Maybe it's time to stop stanning these cringe-worthy beauty gurus and start stanning turning off the lights when you're not using them. Do you want to know how to truly SNAP? Plant a tree, or wash your clothes with cold water! Any true skinny legend will be able to tell you that recycling is the key to being iconic.

Wait, but I thought global warming was a hoax!

Honey, no. Just no. Global warming is real. Are you really going to trust the "opinion" of greedy politicians over actual scientists? Of course, conservative politicians will deny global warming, as the companies that cause the majority of pollution yield significant amounts of capital.

Oof, that's crazy! What else can I do to help?

Wow, I'm so glad that you asked! Here are 8 ways you can help prevent our planet from literally burning up:

1. Use fluorescent light bulbs.

Regular, incandescent light bulbs are terrible and not energy efficient whatsoever. Fluorescent light bulbs, however, last longer and consume up to 70% less energy!

2. Download a trendy, energy-saving app for your smartphone.

I recommend the app Kil-Ur-Watts. It will give you tips on how to save energy and also calculate energy costs for you!

3. Consume less red meat.

I'd say go vegan, and if you can, great! If not, that's okay too, just maybe try to eat red meat a little less. Methane in the atmosphere impacts global warming, unfortunately. The number of cows breathing out methane is detrimental. While the greedy meat industry is largely to blame, you can still help the situation by eating less hamburgers!

4. Eat naturally.

Eating naturally will help you to look and feel great, but it also helps the environment and the issue of climate change. In doing this, the companies that produce processed food will spend less on energy.

5. Don't even use the dryer if possible. 

If you do, consider using a lower setting! It will use less energy and still get the job done for the most part. Hanging clothes outside to dry is super classy and trendy anyway. Your grandma does that, and look at her! She's a legend.

6. Reuse water bottles.

Don't buy plastic water bottles, but if you do, please recycle them! It will help keep landfills clean.

7. Spread the word.

We live in an age where advanced technology is at our fingertips. Use this to inform others about climate change and how we all can help address the problem!

8. VOTE.

Seriously, there is only so much we can do on our own. VOTE! Do not support a candidate who does not prioritize tackling climate change. This is the future of the world, people.