Why Glitch Should Be Your Next Netflix Binge

Why Glitch Should Be Your Next Netflix Binge

TWD fans, you need to check this out.


Recently, my best friend dropped the name of a new-ish Australian series named Glitch that I “had to check out.” I’ll admit, I was wary, because being in lazy summer mode between my internship hours, I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest time in a show that wasn’t a mindless sitcom set-up. But, since I’d already knocked down a few TV suggestions from friends – sorry Shameless – I decided to give it a shot. After all, I was a huge Walking Dead fan, and this had a similar ring to it.

In two days I finished the first season.

While Glitch has only one season on Netflix so far, with just six episodes, it was enough to get me hooked. For a quick de-brief of the plot, small town cop James and local doctor, Elishia, are called to a disturbance in the cemetery where people have crawled out of graves – including James’s dead wife. What follows is a hunt for answers shaded by jealousy, murder, corruption, loss and secrets of the past.

Glitch definitely had the same on-the-edge-of-my-seat effect as TWD, but with an even more intriguing twist. Not-quite-zombies, not-quite-ghosts, Glitch walks the delicate wire of supernatural and science fiction. Add the foreign backdrop of a small Australian town and you’ve got an added aura of mystery, along with some stunning views.

The filming is great – shout out to the symbolic long-shots and clean color palette – and the acting is pristine. You’ve got ordinary people trapped in an extraordinary circumstance, which at its core, is what every viewer loves.

Find yourself hooked? Check out the first season on Netflix and stay tuned for the second to premiere later this year.

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