Give Thanks for the Fleas

Let the redeemed of the Lord say:

Give thanks to the Lord, for what He has made!

For the Earth and the Universe and all who dwell in it!

From the finest of fleas to the largest of stars!

For the least of these is greater than us!

Give thanks for the fleas, the ones we despise

For they test us, the ones who think we are wise!

Let them bite us and smite us until we can love them,

until we can find enough room in our hearts!

Give thanks for the pain, the sorrow that keeps us company

For one day they will depart, and let us be happy!

It should be well with our souls among the tempest turns,

Planted solidly upon the rock of life, as ferns!

Seek always to do good in the name of the Lord,

and to give thanks in all of life's moments:

The Good, the Bad, everything mentioned in the Word.

Give thanks for the living!

Give thanks for the dying!

Give thanks for those we find beguiling,

and the few we find appalling!

This new poem of thanksgiving came to me after hearing a chapel of Thanksgiving at Roberts Wesleyan College. This chapel included an excerpt from The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, that described her journey with her sister in a concentration camp. The particular excerpt recounted how she and her sister came to give thanks for the dire circumstances of the camp, through divine inspiration via the final instructions of 1 Thessalonians 5: give thanks in all circumstances. We often forget to give thanks for things that are not desirable, or are not pleasing. This week, take a moment to give thanks for someone who has hurt you, or something that has not gone right, and find a way to better love that person or optimize the circumstance.