If you give a girl a little...

1.) She'll probably cry tears of joy when she finds out.

She finally has someone to call "little" who will call her "big". She finally has someone to bring into the family, she's contributed more to its growth. If you give a girl a little, she'll feel loved beyond belief because she picked her little and her little picked her.

2.) She'll go to the ends of the Earth to spoil her new little.

Crafts will cover the little's walls. It will be Christmas on Reveal Night with the little getting a million gifts because she is the most perfect little anyone could ask for.

3.) She will suddenly become the master of deceit.

A big is always full of surprises. "Sorry girl, I didn't get to take a little this year, but your big loves you!" (Because she's me.)

4.) She will be the happiest person ever on Reveal Night.

The first hug after you've officially become Big and Little is something truly special.

5.) She will take some things a lot more seriously.

A little looks up to her big, and a big is a mentor, a guide, and a best friend. If the big doesn't take certain parts of life seriously, then what kind of role model is she being?

6.) ...but other things she will not.

A little can teach her big to let loose every once in a while, to have fun to prevent life from becoming a bit too much.

7.) Any occasion that can have a present? You can bet that little will get a present (or two).

Christmas is made so much better when being spoiled by your big!

8.) A little will never feel more loved than when she's always getting SnapChats and texts from her big throughout the day.

From "Hi Little!" to just talking about walking to and from classes, it's nice to always have that communication.

9.) She will do anything to make her little feel better about anything.

"I'm always here for you little, I promise."

10.) She will be the happiest girl in the world.

Big and Little we'll always be.