When you give a girl a little sister, you give her a life long best friend.

You give her another closet full of clothes that are half her's, you give her a person that will make her feel like she's at home when they're together, even if home is hundreds of miles away.

She'll want to teach her everything she knows from the very beginning, because she's been through everything first. Yes, even walking and talking.

She'll always have a person to play Barbies with, a faithful partner for house chores and someone to fight with over the little things.

When you give a girl a little sister, every night is a sleepover.

One day, that little sister isn't going to be quite so little anymore. One day, she'll be just as tall and maybe even just as mature.

She'll soon realize that there's no one better to go through life with than a little sister and thank God every day for sending her one.

When you give a girl a little sister, you give her a personal comedian, trusty copilot, fashion consultant and receptionist all put together. Who else is she going to ask how she should reply to a text, sing "Fergalicious" with at the top of her lungs on the way to the grocery store, ask which top looks better with her new denim skirt, or laugh with until she starts to cry at 2:30 in the morning?

It'll be hard to watch her little sister repeat some of the same mistakes that she made as she grows up, but she'll always be there to pick up the pieces when things start to fall apart.

She'll want to get her sister's approval on everything, from boyfriends to school papers to potential hair cuts. If a person or a thing doesn't meet her sister's expectations, it's not good enough for her.

When you give a girl a little sister, you're giving her the hardest goodbye she will ever say when she heads off for college for the first time. You're also giving her someone who will want to come and visit her every chance she gets.

She'll call her at least once every day, but nothing will make her miss her sister any less.

She'll feel complete again when she's finally at home for breaks, doing things like they used to do and catching up on things they somehow missed.

When you give a girl a little sister, you're giving her someone to be a role model for. You give her a sense of purpose for her entire life, even when that little sister is able to make her own decisions about her life and her future.

You're giving her the future maid of honor in her wedding, the future cool aunt to her kids, and the future person to remind her that she really is getting older.

When you give a girl a little sister, you are giving her the whole world. Every single thing she does is going to be for her little sister, the most important person in her life.