Putting aside all politics and debates let's get something straight...You, my reader, are a freaking BADA**!

You've made it through the year so far and you are still breathing, still pushing through. And you need to remember that life is not all cupcakes and clouds, but it can be brutal. Give yourself a break! You can't always get it right because there has to be room for improvement and learning. You can't be everyone's best friend because that would just be dull. And you can't always please everyone!

And as a people-pleaser myself, that last one is a hard one to admit but it's got to be done!

You deserve a break. A day out in the world. An adventure! And why not do it with your fellow gal pals who are kicking butt making it in this world?

Why do you need a break? Why do you need to time away from your CONSTANT schedule? Because you just do.

1. You need to recharge


Meg Hayes

This vacation doesn't need to take an entire month. Heck, it doesn't even need to take an entire weekend. But when you begin to get into this state of mind that this is all that there is to life, you need to do some recharging. Get the kiddos a babysitter or put down the textbooks and get outside or spoil yourself a little bit. Give your mind a time to rest.

2. You can't find happiness in the small things anymore.

Goldfield Ghost Town

Meg Hayes

Continuing on from the above reason, if you can't find joy in the mundane, or you find yourself getting irritated at the littlest thing, take a step back and bring in some back-up. This does NOT mean you are weak or unfit. This does NOT mean you are a terrible human-being. This means that YOU. ARE. HUMAN! And we all need people in our corner to push us to keep going.

3. Because your girls need you.

Pinky Promise

Meg Hayes

We may not say it often, and we may not even know it, but we need a time to be us again. Back to the days of not stressing about exams, jobs, and money. This isn't a time to just reflect on the old memories but to make new ones that we can cherish and hold onto when we are at our lowest.

4. Because who doesn't like a vacation?


Meg Hayes

You don't need to leave the country, the state, or even your home to make yourself a fun little vacation! But I do suggest getting out of the house. Just go do something with your friends. Do something you never thought you would ever do or something you WISH you would do. Make someday TODAY my friends!

5. You need to look forward to a distraction.

Long Distance Friendships

Meg Hayes

Yes, you read that correctly. Typically we look at distractions as a negative. But in this case you need to be excited about something coming up in the next month. Sometimes you need the incentive to keep pushing through.

6. There's a lot going on!


Megan Hayes

Marriages, babies, jobs, school, adventures. The list is endless and with that fact in mind you begin to see that there's alot to catch up on! Life can be crazy and difficult but when you have people in your life you can share it with, life gets more beautiful. So take advantage of the time you get!

7. The stories you will have from this trip will bring laughter for a lifetime.


Meg Hayes

Some of my best girlfriends and I took a trip to Seattle to go see Kenny Chesney live. We had all graduated from college and needed this last get-away before the real adulting hit. And we got a photo on a big pink flamingo floaty and while getting off the floaty, my friend had somehow fallen and rolled off the floaty and scraped her elbow on the ground while trying not to spill. Now this story may not be as funny to you my reader because you weren't there. But dang I'm so glad i have this hilarious moment and memory with my girlies.

8. Sometimes no one will truly get you like your girls do.


Meg Hayes

Let's face it, we can tell our SO or family everything there is to know about us and we can feel comfortable talking to them. Or not. But really sometimes no one can really get us like our girls do. We just understand each other on a completely different level. And when we get to talking sometimes it can take us a long while to find an end to our conversation.

9. Do you really need another reason or excuse? Just go for it!


Meg Hayes

Just do it!

10. You need your girls.

Kenny Chesney

Meg Hayes

I talk a lot about the importance of having your girls around. And if you feel offended by that then I thank you for reading through this entire article as I try my darndest to get you to see the importance of having powerful, kind, smart, loyal women in your corner. It takes a village this thing we call life. And there is no shame in admitting and feeling like you can't do this alone. We have each other's backs through thick and thin.