In today's world, girls need to be there for each other. Unfortunately, a lot of girls have been screwed over, dumped, or hurt by guys. It is rare to find a guy who understands how we feel. (I'm not saying they don't exist, I'm just saying they're rare). Being girls, we are just more capable of understanding each other's feelings.

We need to be there for each other, hype each other up and give each other confidence. If we're not there for each other, supporting each other, who will be? Girls need to be there for girls and support them.

Okay, but what does that mean? How does one do that?

One of my favorite ways to make other girls feel good about themselves is to comment on their Instagram pictures. Literally, any time I see someone post an insta picture, I always comment and compliment them or hype them up, because I know it makes them feel good. I LOVE when people comment on my posts, especially when people say such nice things, so I always feel obligated to share the love. It takes 2 seconds to say something nice, but the impression it will leave will last a lot longer!

Make it your mission every day to make at least one person smile. I always try to compliment people when I see them, especially if the person seems sad or upset or in a bad mood. A little compliment can go a long way! Everyone loves being complimented. It is a great way to make someone feel good, and you never know how much that can mean to someone.

Celebrate all accomplishments, even the little ones. Your roommate got a good grade on her test? Hype her up. Give her a hug. Tell her you're proud of her. Small victories could mean a lot to someone, so be open-minded. You may think "that grade isn't even good," but to them, it may be good. It could be really important to them.

Even if it may not have been an accomplishment for you if you had done it, always celebrate the small things.

Transform your mind to think positively. Did you ever look at someone's picture or someone in real life and automatically think something rude like "oh her hair is a MESS!" or "wow what is she wearing," and you don't necessarily mean it in a mean way, and you'd never be rude and say it out loud, but that is just what you're thinking.

Try to transform your thoughts to see the positives in others. Look at someone and think "wow her skin is amazing! Good for her!" or "wow that girl can really pull off that look!" Judging each other will do us no good, look for the positives.

I know all of this is easier said than done. Even though I am writing this, I am by no means perfect or as supportive of other girls as I could be. However, I think it is really, really important that we all work on supporting each other and hyping each other up and make each other feel good.

You never know what a girl is going through, and you could just really make her day. Sometimes, men can be trash so we can't rely on them for happiness or confidence, that's why I believe that the entire female population should be one massive support system to each other.

Spread love and celebrate each other. Be happy for each other. Never dull someone's sparkle, brighten it!