Girls Really Aren't That Hard To Please

"He could literally pick a flower from outside and put it on my desk and I'd think it was the cutest thing ever."

"He could draw a heart on a sticky note and I'd love it."

Guys, this one's for you, so take notes. And ladies out there, if your expectations of guys surpass what I say in this article, take some notes, too.

The quotes above are real. Some of my friends the other day were talking about how the little things that guys do for them makes them smile just as much (if not more) as the big things. Before I go on, I want to say that I'm not writing this to lecture boys. In fact, I'm hoping if anything that this liberates you from the pressure you might be feeling to make grand gestures. Hopefully this brings you a sigh of relief and gives you some great tips for how to treat that special girl in your life.

Don't get me wrong, the big gestures are great. The surprises, big moments and crazy adventure; those are all great. But oftentimes, the things we girls brag about the most or gush over for hours are the small things that guys do for us.

We might pin grand romantic gestures on Pinterest, tweet that we are waiting for that magical Disney proposal or gossip about what so-and-so did for their significant other, but that's our dream fantasy world. So boys, while you might be dreaming for that day when you start in your first NFL game, we are allowed to dream, too. The important thing to know is that while girls are normally more vocal about these fantasy relationship goals, we don't actually expect those things to come true. So please, let us dream. But we're sorry for making you think our standards are that high.

So here's the real truth. We die when you text us a sweet good morning text. We freak out over a flower being left on our door (it literally could be a bouquet of dandelions). We appreciate the dollar ice cream cone. We love the small compliments like, "You look cute today," because to us those are huge compliments. We like you to open our doors for us randomly. We like when you pull a Liam Hemsworth in 'The Last Song' and draw a heart on our shoe (girls, you are lying if you say this wasn't a childhood goal of yours). We don't need extravagant presents or dates. We need quality time and effort. We need the "Let's go get a dollar menu dinner from McDonalds" and the "You look pretty." We don't need the $100 dinner, Nike outfits as gifts, or two page long texts. Simple is great because we know it's not simple. We know you thought about us and that's enough.

So fellas, set an alarm in your phone to send a cute text. Go out of your way to say something nice. Grab our hand. Make us laugh. Do something sweet. We like the little things.

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