The time right around Christmas has to be the most joyful, full of time with family and friends, good food and time away from school/the office, what could be better than that?

Here's a list of the parts of the holiday season that I find the most joy in.

1. Fireplaces

2. Snow

3. Soft and warm blankets

4. Good company

5. Time with their dogs

6. Starbuck's holiday drinks

7. Christmas music

8. Christmas lights

9. Sweaters

10. Candles

11. Christmas cookies

12. Hot chocolate

13. Time off of work/school

14. Time with family

15. Apple cider

16. Comfort food

17. Decorating the Christmas tree

18. Giving gifts

19. Receiving gifts

20. Cooking/baking

21. Wrapping gifts

22. Michael Buble's Christmas album

23. Fuzzy socks

24. Family traditions

25. Time for rest

26. Cute Christmas decorations

27. Holiday parties

28. Secret Santa's/White Elephants

29. Infinity scarfs

30. Christmas Eve church service

31. The reminder of all Jesus did for us