Coming home from college is one of the best feelings in the world, but nothing will trump the feeling of being reunited with your dog after some time apart.

For us girls, it seems whenever we talk to our dogs we speak to them as if they are babies. I mean, they are our fur babies so it makes sense, but we say some pretty dramatic stuff when we get to smother them with hugs and kisses.

After a stressful year away at college, you just need a heart to heart moment with your dog to make all the stress go away. With that being said, here are a few things all girls say to their dogs after coming home to them.

1. "I missed you so much!"

2. "You're so freaking cute!"

3. "Did you miss me?"

4. "Did you even notice I was gone?"

5. "You're the only one who understands me."

6. "I wish I was you."

7. *Cries from happiness*

8. "Am I still your favorite person in the family?"

9. "Screw college. I'm staying here with you."

10. "I LOVE YOU!"

11. "Want to go for a walk?"

12. "Will you come hang out in my room even if I do not have food?"

13. "Have I mentioned how cute you are?"

14. "You're my best friend!"

15. "I'll never leave you again!"