Ever since I’ve been a kid, I have become accustomed to traveling. Either due to a change in my dad’s job or due to a transfer he got from one office to another. When the time came we picked everything up and left. This inculcated a curiosity within me.

I wanted to see more places and experience different cultures and traditions. I wanted to "live" the place I traveled to. Ask any of my friends what I am currently obsessed with, and the first thing that will come out of their mouth will be the desire to travel and explore for all of my life.

This further inspired me to write. I wanted to write about my experiences, what I learned, what I saw and what all there is to offer in the hidden beauty of our earth.

The thing I am currently obsessed with is traveling and gaining new experiences. Having held this flame within me ever since I was a kid, it is not only my dream but it is my passion to travel to as many places as possible and experience the vibrant cultures and learn as much as I can from my surroundings.

This further leads me to plan and hope for a career that would help me understand global cultures and help me experience them better. Having an interest in global health services and as someone who plans to be a surgeon one day and eventually plans to work in the global sphere, I feel that this interest was ignited due to my love for traveling and exploring new places.

From thinking about future vacations to taking up the responsibility to plan all my family’s vacations, I can hardly contain myself whenever I get an opportunity to think about traveling to different places. Coming from India, I feel that one of the reasons I was attracted to college in the United States was the opportunity to travel and explore new places and see what all the States have to offer to me, as well as to further explore places I've already been.

My love for travel is something that has been growing in me ever since I first moved from my home in Mumbai when I was 8. This was the start, and it has only been developing ever since. It is something that I can never get bored of.

However long the journey, I may crib and whine about it, but I look forward to it and look forward to sharing it with everyone, for I believe that when I am in a new place, I must learn something new about the place — learn its history, its rich culture and heritage, familiarize myself with its traditions and rules and further account it and share it with everyone else.

For I am the girl with wanderlust who wants to travel near and far and explore the seas and the skies. I want to travel unbounded and free and recognize the beauty that lies hidden from the naked eyes all around us.