Dear friend,

Why are you on all of those dating sites and so social with guys? Is there something or someone specific you're looking for? Oh, the "Mr. Right," the one you're supposed to spend the rest of your days with?

What's the hurry for? Is there a reason you need to find him right now? Or is it because society makes it seem like everyone has to have somebody they're either dating or "talking to?"

Sweetheart, listen up. Did society say that you have to abide by any certain rules, date people who look and act a specific way, or have a certain lifestyle? Feeling pressured and lost about how to feel is completely normal.

But guess what? You are a beautiful and perfect person who does not always have to be accompanied by someone. In today's society, on Facebook and other social media sites, it seems like everyone is getting married, having children, or is posting about their significant other.

From personal experience, it has made me long for someone who I can vent to at night, who I can call when I'm upset, and someone who I know is by my side no matter what.

However, I still live my life normally and I still do the same things I did before my boyfriend was around. And even though I am in a relationship, it does not mean I am guaranteed to be happy at all times.

Actually, do you know who is the one person that is able to make you happy and help you sustain that beautiful personality you have? It's yourself.

So, what do you do when looking for "Mr. Right," but he isn't coming around? Just be yourself and live life to the fullest. Because believe it or not, he'll show up when you least expect it, but need it the most, and that is a beautiful thing.