It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had your first kiss. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had a boyfriend. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had crushes (or not) but never acted on them.

And it’s okay because everyone does things at their own pace. Don’t rush to have your first ANYTHING just because everyone else is doing it.

Do you rush to go and try out a new hair cut before you’ve seen it on people? If you're anything like me, the answer is no. I like to see things before I actually do them. If it's going to change anything about me, then I like to take time to think about the situation. Whether it be regarding my hair, my style, or my relationship status, I like to take time to make my decision.

It’s the same thing for a new relationship. Some people just aren’t ready for a relationship or they can’t see themselves marrying that person because, lets face it: You’re either going to end up marrying this person and spending the rest of your life with them, or you’ll break up.

I think that reality hits different people at different times. Some people never think that way and only live in the moment, some people only think about that. I’ve always kind of thought that way, if I don’t have a ton of feelings for someone, I’ll wait and see how I feel about them later. If that feeling is still there later, then maybe act on it.

There’s no point in losing a first anything because it was rushed. A first kiss is something that you’ll always remember, a first date is something you’ll never forget, and a first significant other is something even more special.

Don't just get a boyfriend because society makes you feel like you have to. Society isn't always right, and society has no reason to make you do anything for the first time.

So to those girls who think they’re behind the times, you’re not.