To The Girl Who Just Realized Her Relationship Isn't What She Thought
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To The Girl Who Just Realized Her Relationship Isn't What She Thought

No one has the perfect relationship, but sometimes you deserve more.

To The Girl Who Just Realized Her Relationship Isn't What She Thought

No one wants to wake up one day and realize that their relationship is not what it used to be, as it was in the beginning.

Sadly, that day hit me on Valentines Day.

Yes, the day that should be filled with love and lots of mushy gushy, left me feeling empty. I was not excited, I did not expect anything and had a feeling I shouldn't. It gets to a point after so many years go by, that the newness and excitement seem to fade for couples. Ours was a victim of that.

A lot of girls contemplate staying in a relationship even though it sucks because they don't want to be lonely. The idea of breaking up with the person seems scary because it is all you really know. The truth is though, that all you really need is you. The more you focus on taking care of yourself in the relationship, the more it will become clear if there is something wrong with the relationship because you know what you need and what you want. Getting to the point of realizing that you need and deserve more is scary and sad (at least it was for me). The question arises to take a break, call it off completely or do nothing.

Never having been in a situation like this before it was new and scary. I decided to take a break, cut off communication, and focus on myself to the fullest degree. Our lives were already so busy and so different it was hard to communicate. I did not feel like a break would be hard since we barely had substance in our conversations and I was already beginning to zone out of the relationship.

As women, we need to take a stand for ourselves and know that we deserve love to the fullest extent.

Instead of being miserable and not feeling like a princess, do something about it. Yes, it is scary, but it gets to the point that if you are not happy anymore, it is not worth it and life is too short to be unhappy. You should be loved for all your wonderful qualities and not put down for the flaws that are a part of you.

A relationship is not perfect but if you are having second thoughts, take a second to establish what needs to happen and make a change. Take a break and reassess just how loving the relationship is, yes it is hard but it will leave you feeling reassured about what needs to change. You can live a happy life with someone that adds to you, not completes you.

I am happy I called for a break. A break away from the one-word texts, distracted phone calls of him always playing video games and the "can I call you back?" because it was never a good time for our relationship to continue being a romantic relationship.

Do what you need to do and give your heart a break for a second or forever how long you need to.

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