Before I actually start this article, I just want to make it clear that I'm not one of those high schoolers that have like one college class after I have all my high school classes. I'm also not dual-enrolled so I don't have two classes or whatever during the day.

I'm an early college student which means that I take NO high school classes and ONLY college classes each semester, I take 12 credits each semester which leads to about four classes every semester. I've been taking college classes since my sophomore year of high school and this is recently my senior year.

I have one thing to say and one thing only; college is not as hard as people make it seem. Now, I don't have to pay for classes or tuition or books or housing, everything is provided for me except food. But I'm not talking about all the money you have to pay, I'm only talking about classes.

I hear people whining about how their classes are hard, it's hard to juggle practice and work, and they get no sleep.

I've passed every college class with a B or higher. And I'm not one of those smart people who doesn't do any extracurriculars and studies during my free time.

I have work, rehearsals for theatre, and practice for sports. I don't study for exams or quizzes until the day before. I write my essays the day before or the day they are due. Sometimes I don't go to class because I'm tired. During my free time, you will most likely find me sleeping, watching Netflix, or finding the motivation to do homework I have. And when I'm in class, half the time spent in there is me on my phone.

But college classes still aren't that hard.

I feel like if you pay attention to key stuff and stop handing in shitty work then you can pass the class.

Here's a tip: Look at your grades.

I look at my grades every week and if I'm close to getting anything lower then a B, then I make sure the next assignment is the best I can do for that assignment. Don't let your grades get lower then a B. If you do, then that final exam will do nothing for you. I've taken a 300 level class and I passed it, you have to use that final exam to your advantage.

Another tip: Actually take time out of your day to do some homework.

Use your strengths for school. If you can write a great paper pretty fast, then save that for the day before. But if you know you have to read a chapter in a book that's really boring for a class that you really don't want to take but have to for your major, then don't wait until the day of or even the day before. You're not going to get it done. Trust me. Take time a couple days before it's due and read a few pages.

If a bunch of early college students can pass college classes and still do extracurriculars and work, then so can you.