If there's one thing that all country boys know how to do better than anyone else it would be how to treat a lady right. All girls, whether country or not, want to find their own country boy because they're one of a kind. When a girl gets herself a country boy, she knows that she's in for a once-in-a-lifetime love like the ones described in the countless love songs heard on country radio.

I want to be the girl in your favorite country songs. I want to be the girl that you quietly sing about with Tim McGraw or Florida Georgia Line while I'm riding shot gun in your truck. Or, better yet, I want to be the girl you think of when your favorite songs come on the radio as you're cruising through the back roads that lead from my house to yours. Whatever song that comes on your radio, I want to be the girl you think of.

I want to be the "Hey, Pretty Girl" that you pray will look your way the night that you first lay eyes on me.

I want to be the one that ask to "Stay a Little Longer" that first night just because one more minute is never enough.

I want to be the one who makes you go home that night excited to tell your friends and family that "I Met a Girl" that makes you smile, makes you wait, crosses your heart, and has changed your whole world.

I want to be the one who you can't get enough of (even after spending an entire day together). The you call to say, "I'm Coming Over" while you run every red light along the way.

I want to be the one that you refer to as "My Best Friend" because for the first time, you've found someone that you can count on for anything after being let down by so many others in the past.

I want to the only one that you call "My Girl" and find the little, insignificant things that I do adorable like riding around in your passenger seat with the windows down, dancing around causing a scene.

I want to be the one that you would be willing to do something completely outside of your comfort zone for like dance with even though you adamantly say that "I Don't Dance;" yet, there you are spinning me around in circles.

I want to be the one that you find yourself thinking about from time to time wishing for it to be time to "Let the Night Roll." That's when you know that we can finally be us, driving down some old back roads, singing along to the radio as loudly as we can without a care in the world who hears.

Then, after hundreds of fun times and adventures, I want to be the one that makes you realize that everything you went through in the past was for a reason. I'll be the one that leaves you thinking "God Gave Me You" for the ups and downs and even the days of doubt.

You'll know that I'm the girl in your favorite country songs when one day, you'll realize that if only I "Check Yes or No" you'll "Die a Happy Man" because all you need in this life is my crazy love for "Forever and Ever, Amen."

I don't need a lot in life. I just want to be the girl in your favorite country song. That really isn't too much to ask for, honestly... and men think woman are difficult - yeah right.