It's no secret that most of my life a solid 95% of my closest friends were guys. As a tomboy growing up I just didn't talk to girls very much. Now at 21, that's still true today. Here are just a handful of the things I've experienced being the girl with just about all guy friends.

1. People will make assumptions.

No, I'm not dating any of them. No, I'm not sleeping with any of them. No, I don't want to ever do either.

2. Dating can be hard sometimes.

Potential boyfriends will either be intimidated by your guy friends at first or uncomfortable with how close you are with them.

3. Their girlfriends won't always be your biggest fan.

That or they'll try to be your best friend too, it all just depends on how insecure they are.

4. You might not be the best at 'girl talk.'

I'm sorry I'm not so great at discussing the look that Joey like totally gave Jessica yesterday Karen, I'm out of practice with this.

5. And sometimes you forget what it means to be 'ladylike.'

What do you mean shotgunning a beer isn't lady like?

6. When you decide to finally be girly the guys always give you crap for it.

Shut up guys I'll wing my eyeliner if I feel like it.

7. Actually, they just pick on you all the time.

You just get used to it eventually.

8. You're basically a mother.

I don't know what these idiots would do without me sometimes. Really, it's like having a bunch of man-children in your life.

9. And you have multiple adopted older brothers.

You'll pick on and even fight just like brothers and sisters.

10. They always come to you for advice.

But that doesn't mean they always listen.

11. They're always blunt and straight forward.

Hope you didn't need someone to beat around the bush.

12. It's like having your own personal mechanic.

Or handyman. Car issues? They'll take care of it. Leaky sink? Make dinner and they're on their way.

13. They'd never let anything bad happen to you.

You're precious and you're protected, no matter how much you may drive each other crazy.