Gina Zo Rises As Her Coming Of Age Tour Takes Off
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Gina Zo Rises As Her Coming Of Age Tour Takes Off

"The Voice" 2016 alum and James Madison University Student Gina Zo's passionate and wild performance electrifies the audience and foreshadows major music accomplishments in this rising star's future.

Gina Zo Rises As Her Coming Of Age Tour Takes Off
Gina Castanzo

A Gina Zo performance could be described in so many words, and ordinary is far from one of them. Immediately from the start of her show, Gina engages the audience and doesn't just sing to you, she brings you on a journey. It is apparent through each song she sings that her music is deeply personal, yet somehow relatable. The words and the emotions draw the audience in and plug you into the show. As an audience member, you are not there simply to watch, you are a part of the show.

Last week, purely by coincidence, my family and I were vacationing in Wilmington, NC at the same time that "The Voice" alum and current James Madison University Student Gina Castanzo (or Gina Zo, her stage name) stopped at the funky Gravity Records venue on her Coming of Age Tour. Gina's start into the music industry auditioning for "The Voice" was "purely for fun." Gina says, "There really was no true motive behind it because I had nothing to lose."

After her time on "The Voice," however, Gina acknowledges that without the show her career may not have accelerated as quickly as it did. From there, Gina's band formed in 2016 with her friend David Salvaggio as the rhythm guitarist. Today, the band consists of her drummer, Buddy, guitarist Joe, whom she met through Craigslist, and bassist Mike, Joe's friend. Although the group seems to have lots of fun whilst they play on stage, Gina's backup is no joke. Individually, they are all wildly talented, each showcasing their unique and impressive skills several times throughout the show. Together, they tie together the show and provide an equally sensational performance as their vocalist does.

Talking to Gina before the show, she seemed cool and collected, but once the show began, a completely different persona emerged. The setting becomes surreal, and Gina's voice coinciding with her lyrics and electrifying showmanship transport you to feeling as if you are the only one in the room; that the show is being played only for you. It's no wonder Gina calls her shows "whatever goes shows."

She claims her goal is to bring the audience to a place where they can step outside of their comfort zone and out of a life of "comfortability," where they can "be who they want to be, love who they want to love, and dance how they want to dance."

Gina's style of music is definitely unique, though extremely likable. Her music displays deep and meaningful lyrics combined with a powerhouse voice and an energetic beat that makes it difficult to resist dancing and singing along. Gina says that she aspires to be like artists Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch, but not just for the music they produce. She says, "They embody someone who I aspire to be: women of power who have proven to be forces of nature in the industry." Gina knows that women often are not taken as seriously in any industry, let alone the music industry, so it is important to strive to model these empowering women. One way she does this is through her songwriting. Gina says that her inspiration for her music "comes from all over," but specifically, "how human nature interacts with the physical world."

She says she often enjoys creating her songs as she's driving because all she has to focus on is the world in front of her and herself.

In addition, Gina writes about her life, including love, relationships, and heartbreak. As someone who often turns to music in difficult times, I find that truly empowering. The ability to take one's deepest emotions, translate them into art, and share for others to enjoy is brave and inspiring. Gina says, "It can be hard to get through certain relationships, but heartbreak always pulls out the best in me."

Gina is one of few vocalists who is truly deserving of the title "artist." It's so astonishingly rare in today's media-saturated world, where the extraordinary and fantastic can be seen at the touch of our fingers, to see a performance like Gina's that makes you say "Woah." At the finish of her show, as my sister and I mingled and discussed the performance with our fellow audience members, I realized just how astonished every single person in the room was with the show they had just witnessed. The electricity in the room was comparable to a crowd after seeing any number of legendary performers. There was no dissent; Gina is a rising star. There are surely great things to come in Gina Zo's music career, and I clearly foresee performances within theatres, arenas, and even stadiums in her future.

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