Dear Gina,

I used to be a fan of yours. I watched "Jane The Virgin" religiously back in the day. I was even rooting for you to be in the next "Fast And Furious" movie. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you. But in recent years, you've shown so much malice and ignorance toward the black community and have been so problematic.

But this week, you've hit a new low with this one.

You went on your public forum, recorded yourself singing to The Fugees, and said the N-word. You then decided to post those eight seconds to your Instagram stories to your 4 million followers. When you started trending on Twitter, you then went on your stories again and gave a horrible apology saying sorry if you offended anyone for singing along with Lauryn Hill's lyrics.

You didn't even apologize for saying the word. Then you did the iOS press apology in your Apple Notes and wrote how you've failed the community of color.

You didn't even apologize to the black community, the people you offended. You thought you had to clean this up because you have shows to promote later that need the views from these minority communities.

We all know the dehumanizing history of this word and its ties to slavery in America. We, the communities of color the word was meant to dehumanize, reclaimed it as our own. You don't get a pass for saying "Oh, well, rappers still say it."

We still deal with these racial slurs from people outside of our race trying to offend and hurt us, especially in the times we live in now.

Even if you grew in a majority-black community, you don't get a pass.

Even if you have black friends, you don't get a pass.

Even if you're dating or married to a black person, you don't get a pass.

There are no free passes for ignorance.

This wasn't just a lesson for you. This showed your true colors and exposed your mindset when it comes to black culture. Minorities — black, Latino, Asian, any of them — have it bad enough making it in this country. But this type of ignorance creates a circle of prejudice. When one community sees a person from another acting like you did, they might assume all people from that community act like that.

When are you going to understand that?