There’s no better mother-daughter duo than Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. The dynamic duo won fans over in the year 2000 and left us hanging in 2007 when the last episode of the ever-so-famous show aired. Nine years have passed since the last new episode, and fans like me have spent countless hours watching reruns of "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix. After nine years of reruns, the day "Gilmore Girl" fanatics have been waiting for has finally arrived. THEY’RE BACK! That’s right, "Gilmore Girls" reunion is happening on Netflix as we speak. As a fanatic of the show, I can only wonder if so many of my questions will be answered in this reunion.

Will Lorelai and Luke be together? The last episode left us hanging. Lorelai and Luke shared a special kiss after Luke made a surprise party for Rory possible despite the dreary weather. We’ve all been pulling for them to end up together, but let’s face it, Lorelai has faced many challenges when it comes to relationships. I just hope she realizes Luke is her only “star” left in Stars Hallow now that Rory is gone.

Will Rory end up with a boyfriend from the past? Jess, Logan, Dean? As fans, we fell in love with them all, but clearly Rory thought otherwise. She’s been away for quite awhile now, but will she have rekindled the flame with someone from her past? I’m secretly hoping she’s back with Logan or Jess, but I guess only the reunion will tell.

Will Friday night dinners still happen? The last episode left us with Lorelai promising to continue Friday night dinners without Rory. Did this really happen? I can’t imagine Lorelai alone with Richard and Emily every Friday night. I also can’t help but wonder if something new will come along where Emily makes Rory and Lorelai promise to repay her with Friday night dinners.

What will Lane’s babies be like? When "Gilmore Girls" left us, Lane and Dave had just had twin boys named Kwan and Steve. I can’t help but wonder what these twins will be like now. Will they make an appearance in the reunion show? Will Lane raise them like Mrs. Kim raised her? I doubt it, but you never know.

Will Lorelai still work at the inn? At the end of Season 7, Emily was pushing Lorelai towards the spa business. Will she cave and go with what her mom wants? Let’s be honest, if she did, this would be a once-in-a-lifetime agreement.

Will Luke’s still be Lorelai and Rory’s hot spot? It seemed as if Lorelai and Rory were at the diner everyday, trying to decide what they wanted to eat as if they weren’t familiar with the menu. In the last episode, Luke sends Rory off to her new job with one last breakfast. I can’t help but wonder if Lorelai went to the diner without Rory when she was gone.

Will Rory still have a passion for journalism? Rory left the town of Stars Hollow to pursue one of her dream jobs. From the previews, I can tell that Rory is back. Did she quit her job? Is she back on a vacation? Perhaps maybe Stars Hollow created a job based off of journalism just so they could get their precious Rory back.

There is no other better mother-daughter duo out there than Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Sometimes, I think my mom likes to pretend that our mother-daughter duo is like that of Lorelai and Rory. I’m very anxious to watch the show on Netflix, but my mother thinks that our mother-daughter duo should watch it together during winter break. After winter break, I’ll be able to tell you if these questions have been answered.