In a little over a month, the revival of the beloved show, Gilmore Girls, will return with four 90-minute episodes showing a year in the life of the Gilmore Girls. A lot of women (and men) around the world fell in love with the unique mother daughter duo, Lorelei and Rory Gilmore. We got caught up in the friendships, relationships, rivals, milestones, and the beautiful weird town of Stars Hollow. But enough of all these teasers, we want answers! We are anxious to know where all the characters ended up in their lives.

True fans have visited Luke's diner, been intrigued by Friday night dinners, saw the growth of the Dragon Inn and waited for the first snow in Stars Hallow. We have been there every step of the way with Rory and Lorelei, but the finale of the series left a lot of unfinished business! So of course we expect a lot of things to be resolved in this revival. The major question of all is WHAT HAPPENED WITH LORELEI AND LUKE? Because come on, if you didn’t fall in love with these two together, then are you really a fan of this show? They left us with just a kiss and some special necklace. That’s all we got. We must know if they get married, live together, have children, anything?

And although we want to know how Lorelei's love life is doing, that’s without saying we want to know how Rory’s love life is doing as well!! Before graduating college and becoming this hit online reporter on a political journey with Obama, she was really close to being Mrs. Huntzberger. But with denying Logan’s proposal, she was left a single lady. We want to know if she jumps into one of her old relationships, Dean or Jess (sorry Logan) or if she finds a new fellow all together. Besides her love life we would also want to know what the Yale alum is doing with her life. Did she become a successful journalist traveling the world, or is she back living at home unsure what to do?

We also would love to know how Christopher, Rory’s dad, fits into this life now. After all the drama, the end of the series showed a pretty drama free relationship with the Gilmore girl duo. How is he doing and what ever happened with his other daughter Gigi and his ex wife Sherry? Is he still rich, and does he still make an appearance in Rory’s life? And the other main person in Lorelei and Rory’s life, Emily Gilmore, what’s going on with her? Unfortunately with the death of the actor who played Richard, Edward Herrmann, we are curious how they are going to honor this in the revival. Edward Herrmann will be truly missed and may he rest in peace.

Besides the main plots of the series, we want to see all of Star Hallows favorites: Sookie and Jackson, Babette and Morey, Miss Patty, Taylor Doose, Lane and Zach, Mrs. Kim, Gypsy and even Michel. And of course all the additions to the town: Davey, Martha, April, Stevie, Kwan, and not to mention the third child of Sookie and Jackson! We would also love to see if there are any new faces in this town. And what about Paris Geller? Is she still seeing Doyle? Is she finally a famous doctor yet? And can’t forget about the best dog ever, Paul Anka.

There are so many topics that obsessive fans, like me, want to know more about from the show's revival. We are given a second chance to dive into our favorite places, characters, and plots of all times and we cannot wait to see the revival appear in Netflix next month! Hopefully a lot of answers will be made and the revival does this fabulous show justice. So get your Chinese food, pizza, pop tarts, burgers, chili cheese fries, and coffee ready to overeat and binge watch these 4 mega episodes so we can fulfill the hole in our hearts for Gilmore Girls. Until then, we will all be curious on what will happen in the town of Stars Hallow and the life of Lorelei and Rory Gilmore.