College students can be difficult people to shop for. Unless you plan on buying them a semester of school for the holiday season, there isn't much we want. Here's a few gift ideas for the college student in your life:

1. Money.

This one is pretty much the fail safe. No college student will ever think you weren't thoughtful enough if you just give them money. Odds are, because they're in college, they desperately need it for commuting, food expenses or books. Money is something we need throughout the whole four years, and sometimes it's nice to buy something for ourselves every once in a while, too, but that's pretty rare.

2. Gift cards.

This is basically just money but it's a little more thoughtful. If you're stuck, get us a gift card, we won't be offended. Even if it's a Visa or Amazing gift card. In fact, we might even secretly want a gift card because then it'll force us to maybe eat once a day or actually buy ourselves something. Like, I have lived on gift cards from Christmas before in terms of food. If I needed food and I had time but no money, I'd just use the gift card.

3. Pajama pants.

Pajama pants are something that you pretty much can't go wrong with in general. It's just another outfit to wear when we have to run to the supermarket at 11 PM for extra food. It's something we will always need. Bonus: if the pajama pants are plain in color, like a gray color, we will wear it to class. And everyone loves pajama day at school.

4. Planners/folders/notepads.

I'm taking so many classes I can't even keep my head on straight. I need planners. My folders have literally broken in half because they're 8 inches thick. Planners also force us to not procrastinate. What we have to do and when we have to do it is right in front of us.

5. Calendars.

We can look at pretty pictures of cats or dogs or scenery as we're having a breakdown during finals week. Who wouldn't love that?