Sara is happy. It has been 8 long months, but she has finally healed from the car accident. She and Jake had a rough patch right afterward, but they saw a shrink. Which it still kills her to admit and it really did help. Dr. Martin was all for learning to be a couple and healing before making any life-altering changes. Jake has calmed down since seeing her and they are happier than ever before. Jake is about to be even happier.

"I decided." Sara says walking down the stairs for breakfast.

"Did you?" Jake asks, shocked.

Sara laughs. "You do know I can hear the hope in your voice, right?"

Jake grins snagging his wife around the waist. "Maybe."

"I am saying, yes. I want a child before it becomes too late for us to be real parents." Sara says swiftly.

"Whooo!" Jake pumps his fist in the air and Sara is sure the neighbors heard him yell.

Sara smiles as Jake squeezes her tightly in his arms. "I'm sorry…" she breathes out. "I did not understand."

"Are you laughing at me?" Jake asks grinning widely.

Sara grins back. "Yes, I am."

"What changed your mind?" Jake asks seriously.

"Well," Sara begins. "You remember I went to visit my sister and Mathew last weekend." Jake nods. "Seeing my sister so happy to be having a baby, I understand something I didn't before." Sara says. She smiles again. "Taking care of another life is a precious gift everyone should get the opportunity to experience."

Jake nods. "You do get it." Sara laughs.

"Yes, I do." She responds. "Call them."

Jake freezes. "I know you spoke to someone at the adoption place already. You are about as sly as a firework on the Fourth of July." Sara says.

Jake laughs again. "Busted!" he says loudly. Kissing Sara softly he runs off shouting. "I'm calling Marsha right now. Adoption here we come.

It takes a long time to get qualified to adopt. Sara had no idea. She feels as though she's signed her name so many times. It's worse than purchasing a house or buying a car. She wonders if she truly is signing her life away.

It was a week ago after being on the registered adoption list for 3 months that they finally got the call. Someone, a very little someone, needed them. Sara thought the adoption office was cozy. Jake had thought it more functional. Either way, they were about to become parents.

"Are you ready for this?" Jake whispers in her ear suddenly.

Sara laughs quietly. "After all that paperwork and visits to our home? I would hope so." Her grin remains. "They did say we would make good parents."

A woman in a stiff blue suit walks up. She is carrying something wrapped in a pink blanket. Sara is glad they are in a private room when the woman suddenly says, "Sara, here she is." Handing over the bundle she finishes with "This is your daughter."

Sara looks down at the chubby face and waving hands in awe. "Oh my." she breathes emotion welling up inside her. "She's beautiful." Sara whispers looking up at Jake.

"Yes, she is." Jake says reaching out to caress a small hand which immediately grabs his finger in a strong grip. Jake laughs quietly hoping not to startle the newborn.

"Jenna." Sara whispers. She looks to Jake for confirmation or an okay or something.

He grins looking down at the babe he agrees. "You will be Jenna." He says.

Jake smiles. "We are doing a good thing," He pauses, "Right, mom?"

Sara smiles. "Yes, we are." she says. "Adoption will always be a right choice."

Tears run down Sara's face as Jake stoically moves to stand behind his wife and brand new daughter. It is a picture perfect moment with the gift of a child.

-The End-