Big, tall oak trees line the highway and they pass by. Sara stares out the window into the darkness, not speaking. But, she can feel it. That impending sense of doom. She knows he's going to ask again. Can feel it without looking over at him in the driver's seat. Jake wants children and Sara isn't sure she's ready to take that step. The wooded scenery continues to pass by out the window. The cloudy sky opens and rain begins falling heavily against the car windows.

"Are you warm enough?" Jake suddenly asks, squinting out the front windshield into the pouring rain.

Sara sighs, but answers, "Yes, Jake. I am fine. I just wish this storm would pass so we can get home safely."

Jake seems to shudder and then glances over, quickly putting his eyes back on the road he asks, "The vacation was good, right?"

"It was fun." Sara answers honestly.

There is a moment of silence again and Sara can feel that strange sense of forbearance. "So, are you ready to talk again?" Jake asks.

"No, but I sense you are." Sara says. She takes a deep breath and continues to speak. "Listen, Jake. I love you, but I am not ready to be a mom yet. I want my work to flourish and I want to just be us for a while before I must worry about someone else. Do you understand?"

Jake nods frantically, "I do." he says, "But, kids are important and if we wait too long, we may never get a chance to raise a family together."

Breathing deeply, Sara gives her response. "Give me a year and we can talk again." She begs. "Just a bit of time. Please?"

Jake seems to consider the thought. A year isn't all that long. He can wait a bit if it will make his amazing new wife more comfortable. He nods again. "Okay." he says aloud.

Sara smiles and glances back up out into the pouring rain. "Jake, the truck." She screams. "Watch out!!!"

A pickup truck rounds a curve up ahead. The lights in the car all begin to flicker and then go dark as the silence is broken by a huge crash. The pain in her head is unbearable. "Ahhh." Sara tries to speak, but it comes out all wrong. "Jake help-" She stutters and then darkness envelopes her.

Hanging upside down, suspended by only his seat belt Jake screams. "Sara…" No answer. "Sara." he tries again. "Can you hear me?" There is nothing, but wetness and the sound of the rain dripping into the upturned car.