Simple Holiday Gift Guide For Any College Student

Simple Holiday Gift Guide For Any College Student

An easy go-to list of what to get your average college student this year.


If you're like my parents, you're probably thinking that college students are the hardest to buy for, and you might be right. But with a few tips from me, you can find the perfect gift for your student in just a few minutes. (Fellow students, feel free to forward this to your parents.)


Alright, so this is definitely the easy way out. But, if you really don't want to disappoint your college-aged kid, a gift card is the way to go. You can't really go wrong. Even a gift card to Walmart or McDonald's will be used and appreciated. For bonus points, go for cards to their favorite clothing stores, activities, and places on campus. At least you know it's something they'll use!

Concert/Performance Tickets

Concerts are a favorite event for college students, but going to them on a student's budget is typically a no-go. That's why getting them a pair of tickets (to take a friend) to their favorite performer or comedian is a great gift. The performance will only last a few hours, but they'll make memories that last a lifetime!

Things they don't want, but need

This one is a toughie. But some of the best gifts I've received were things I didn't know that I needed. The past few gifts I've received from my dad were a tool kit and a drill. Living on my own, it's important for me to learn how to use these items and to make day-to-day repairs. Sometimes college students would rather have something fun or flashy, but they'll end up being grateful for those much-needed items.

Pop-Culture References

Students love to express themselves with clothing and accessories that reference their favorite movies, tv shows, and other pop-culture. Find out their favorites by looking at their social media, asking their friends, or just asking them - and find some items with a simple Google search!


Because everyone should own a matching pajama set.

Help with expenses

Giving cash to your student is risky. To be honest, we'll probably run out and use it on gas, food, and alcohol. But by putting money directly toward their expenses (bills, car insurance, etc.) you could really help them out, and give a great gift.

Happy Holidays and good luck gift-shopping!

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