13 GIFS To Describe Working All Summer

Ah, sweet summertime. Finals are a distant memory, warm weather has finally arrived, and all you can think about is sleeping 'til noon and laying by the pool every day, catching up on some reading. Sadly, for some of us, our summer days will be spent at work. Whether you've taken on a full-time job or you're working part time for the summer, here are 13 GIFs that describe every college student who's having to spend this summer working.

1. When your shift starts at 5:30 AM

Early morning shifts hit hard. If you've ever had to be at work at 5:30 in the morning when it's still dark outside, you'll relate to this GIF.

2. When you see your friends posting from the beach

It's a different kind of hurt, seeing your friends posting pics from the beach while you're scrolling through Insta on your 30 minute lunch break. Stephanie is on a cruise to the Bahamas while you're sitting in the crusty break room at work. Not the best feeling.

3. Remembering all the fun things you could be doing instead of working

All you can think about is the stack of books at home waiting to be read and the Netflix shows begging to be binged, but, instead, you're at work.

4. When you have to be peppy at work when you'd rather be asleep

While your best friend is tanning on a beach somewhere, you're having to remake Jennifer's drink for the fourth time because she doesn't think it tastes quite right, all the while keeping a smile on your face and pep in your voice.

5. Wearing your uniform that you haven't washed in days

I love having one work shirt that I get to wear day after day since I have no time to wash it in between shifts. Not gross at all.

6. When you work odd hours and can't remember what day it is

If you work a part-time job, you probably understand the feeling of not knowing what time it is or even what day it is. I've said "Good morning!" to customers at 8 o'clock at night one too many times. It's easy to get lost in the sauce.

7. When workplace drama ruins your peaceful summer vibes

Though it'd be nice to work in peace all summer, there's bound to be a bit of drama in any workplace, which totally kills any peaceful summer vibes. It's the worst.

8. When you can't go out because you have work

"I can't, I have work" is your new catchphrase, and not because you want it to be. You're constantly telling people that you'll have to plan something another time because work is life.

9. When you remember your shift starts in twenty minutes

You're finally off after six straight days of work, you're chilling at home, and then you suddenly remember that you're covering your friend's shift in twenty minutes. Yikes.

10. Trying to understand what a customer wants

If your job involves customers of any kind, you may have felt like this a few times. There's always that one customer that doesn't know what he/she wants but expects you to know automatically. College degrees don't help with this.

11. When you finally get off work after a long shift

There's a sense of euphoric bliss when you hit that clock-out button at the end of an 8 hour shift. It's even a better feeling than leaving an hour-long class.

12. Getting home as quickly as possible

Full speed ahead, no stops, no looking back. My most "skillful" driving is my drive home from work. My driving scares me too.

13. When you see your paycheck in your bank account

Though work is less than fun, there's nothing like seeing that paycheck after working hard all week. Work hard for the money.

All jokes aside, working all summer is a pretty smart move. You're making money and finding some purpose for the months between semesters. Work hard, earn that money, and relax when you can. August is right around the corner!

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