my ghost tour experience

My Dahlonega Ghost Tour Experience


I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts. I mean, who am I to say that they don't or do exist? I have never really had any actual experiences with seeing or feeling ghosts, but I have heard stories. On March 10, my friends and I decided to go on a ghost tour in Dahlonega. We started the tour in a building in-between a jerky store and an old antique store. The women, whose name was I think Penny, started the tour telling us about how the building was a pool room at one time, and a lot of partying and fights broke out there. She told us how people have gone to the bathroom and felt creeped out because they felt like someone was watching them, and supposedly a man was stabbed in the crawl space of the bathroom.

I was a little creeped out at this point, but also a little skeptical, because it seemed too convenient that the ghost touring building would be haunted. Also, she mentioned other ghost ladies who supposedly haunted the building, but she didn't mentioned how they died. I kept wondering this out of curiosity.

We next walked into front of the Dahlonega Historic Gold Mine site, which used to be the town's courthouse. She told us stories about how a man was pushed down the stairs of the building because he had fighting over land with another guy. She also mentioned other potential ghosts in the area.

A story that I really found interesting during the tour was the story of Sarah's Ghost. A women named Sarah supposed haunted one of the buildings near the Dahlonega Market Place and the Giggle Monkey Toys store. When people were renovating the building, they found a cane in the wall that had the name "Sarah" on it. The man renovating the place took the cane home and turned the place into a bed and breakfast. One of the first people to stay in the bed and breakfast room was an old woman, and the next morning she seemed really creeped out and told the owner of the bed and breakfast to give the cane back. The old woman said that the night before, she kept hearing someone say "Give it back."

Penny also told us stories of a house of a physician that supposedly has 7 boys haunting the place. I am not sure if I believe this story or n because when I looked up the story online, I kept getting conflicting stories on who was possibly haunting the place. I also couldn't find any story about how the people could have died, making me think that it was a little bit of urban legend, but who knows? One story that was consistent, however, was that something very wrong was going on or had happened in the attic of the house.

For some reason, the story that freaked me out the most was the story of a woman named Eta. She was a wife of a professor, and she passed away. Now, the two story house that sits close to the University of North Georgia's campus, is a facility for the college. Penny told us that a student working on a paper there one night said she say an old women with old frazzled hair. Penny also said when they had paranormal investigators look into the house, and one investigator said that there wasn't something quite right with Eta's head. They guessed that she had a brain tumor, but later found out that she had a mental illness. By the time we got to this part of the tour, I was hanging out to my friends for dear life, demanding to not be left alone. Something about an old woman haunting the house, and especially seeming to like to haunt college students, freaked me out a lot.

Now, my friends and I were curious about these stories, as any 20 year olds would be. During the ghost tours, we hadn't gone in any of the buildings, so the next day we decided to check the areas out for ourselves. We went in one building, and walked up to where Sarah's room was. We didn't see anything, but my friends and I automatically felt uncomfortable when we were up there. My friends complained of having a tightness in their chests, and feeling uncomfortable. We hurried down the stairs away from her room, and automatically felt better. I don't know if it was just all in our heads, but I do admit it felt really weird being in front of "Sarah's room" and there was even a plaque labeling her room, which I thought was super creepy.

We also went in a chocolate store, and my friend said she had weird vibes in there. We asked one of the ladies working there, if they thought the place was haunted. She didn't hesitant saying, "Yes!" She told us about a little girl who died there named Betsy. The woman pointed out a light above our heads that was always swinging, when all the other lights don't swing and there was no wind in the building. She also showed me a camera security footage of something flying off the wall one night when no one was there. The video seemed pretty honest, as I didn't know how they could photoshop that. Some of the pictures we were shown during the ghost tour looked very photoshopped.

However, not everyone in the town of Dahlonega is convinced that the place is haunted. We went to the Holly Theatre, a place named after the granddaughter of the man who opened the theatre. During the tour, we were told that the place was haunted. However, when we went to check out the theatre ourselves the next day, the woman who worked there rolled her eyes when we asked her if she thought the place was haunted. "I have never experienced anything," The woman said. She seemed convinced that nothing and nobody was there.

The ghost tour didn't really convince me either way because honestly, I would have to see a ghost myself in order to believe that it was real, and even then, I don't know if I would believe my own eyes.

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My First WWE Experience — Everything I Wanted & More

A fan for only five years, this was my first WWE live experience. Needless to say, one of the best experiences I've ever had.


Summer of 2014. My dad is watching an episode of Monday Night Raw. Growing up, I never had an interest in it. I sat in the living room reading a book while he watched it. Slowly, I started listening, then bouncing between my book and the television. Eventually it had my full attention. They announced the next pay-per-view event, Summer Slam. The biggest event of the summer for WWE.


I asked my dad if we were able to watch that. He said that he would have to pay for it through the network. Again, I asked if we could see it. He paid for the WWE Network. It was all down hill from there.

I was obsessed.

I wanted to watch every pay-per-view, every Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live show. I immediately fell in love with a few wrestlers;

Paige, who sadly doesn't wrestle anymore due to injury,


The Man, Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch

and Dean Ambrose, who is no longer with WWE, but is currently with AEW, All Elite Wrestling under the name Jon Moxley.

Dean Ambrose

Since starting my love of WWE, I wanted to attend a live pay-per-view event at least once in my life. But given how expensive it can be to go, especially if you purchase tickets early on, I doubted I would ever be able to afford to go. Along with money, not all the pay-per-views were good. There were some that were amazing, some in the middle of the road, and some that were just downright awful. My concern was if someone pays all the money to go, and the event is horrible, it's not worth going.

You aren't guaranteed a good pay-per-view.

However, as a graduation gift from my mom and dad, I would be going to Stomping Grounds.

WWE Network

Needless to say, I was very excited to go. My family had gotten me a The Man shirt for Becky, which I used for a sign I spent the night before the event making. As I walked down the stair to my seat, watched the preview of 205 Live wrestlers and heard Becky's music come on, the event was totally worth it on a personal level.

When we talk financially, it is still very expensive to go. However, if it is financially worth it will depend on the person and their finances.

If there is a pay-per-view event or some other WWE event, I recommend seeing who is going to be wrestling at the event if you can. If it's going to be wrestlers that you love and enjoy, matches you have been dying to see, then regardless of the outcome it will be worth it because even if your favorite didn't win, you still got to see the match in person rather than through a television set.

However, when you get to see a woman you admire fighting in the ring,

Becky vs Lacey

a Samoan Super Man,

Roman vs. Drew

a Goddess,

Alexa vs. Bayley

and one of the greatest couples ever,

Becky and Seth

A one-time payment to see a pay-per-view live is worth the life long memories you will have by watching your heroes, inspirations, villains, characters, these people, do their very best to put on their best performance. And who knows, you might appear live on the WWE Network from time to time if you get the right spot!

I couldn't thank my family enough for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. I will hold this, my poster, the 400 plus pictures and videos and my poster with me for the rest of my life. And maybe when I have a family of my own, I'll convince them to go with me to another one to give them the same lasting memories you gave me.

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Bulldogs Get Their Shot At Professional Baseball

Four Georgia Baseball players were selected through the first two days of the MLB draft. The Bulldogs garnered national attention in the 2019 season after an impressive 46-17 record.


Georgia baseball has been steadily improving ever since a string of sub-.500 finishes over the past decade. Consecutive appearances in the NCAA Regional Tournament shows the nation that Athens is once again a powerhouse. Even Major League Baseball is starting to take notice.

1. Aaron Schunk - 62nd pick, Colorado Rockies

Schunk was considered a two-way prospect going into the draft. He split his time between third base and closing pitcher. A winner of the Triple Crown award, Schunk had 15 home runs and 58 RBIs with a batting average of .339 as the Bulldog third baseman. As the closer, he had 12 saves with a 2.49 ERA. The position assigned to him by the Rockies was third base but he is likely to still get an opportunity to pitch in the minor league system.

2. Tony Locey - 96th pick, St. Louis Cardinals

A semifinalist for the 2019 pitcher of the year, Locey had a season ERA of 2.53 accompanied by an 11-2 record. His season was somewhat of a surprise after having a 3.92 career ERA at the collegiate level. MLB teams typically look at a number under 3.00 as being impressive. The Cardinals expect Locey to continue his upward trajectory.

3. Tim Elliott - 126th pick, Seattle Mariners

Another Bulldog pitcher comes off the board on the draft's second day. Elliott posted impressive numbers during his junior campaign with a 2.38 ERA and a 7-3 record. One of those seven wins came by way of the complete game which is becoming ever more rare in today's game. Originally coming to Georgia as a reliever, Elliott transitioned to a starter while posting a 3.10 career ERA across 41 appearances.

4. LJ Talley - 207th pick, Toronto Blue Jays

The best fielder on the team has shown yearly improvement with the bat which was the most crucial area needed for him to be on the MLB's radar. His fielding is solid with an appearance on the 2019 SEC All-Defensive team. Talley finished his senior season with a batting average of .332 accompanied by 8 home runs and 41 RBIs.

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