Getting Into The Holiday Spirit: A How-To

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit: A How-To

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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Although the winter season does not technically begin until the Solstice on the 21st, for many of us (practical and smart) humans the season truly begins when December rolls in with its freezing winds and dwindling bank accounts. Here’s a collection of some delightful, and relatively painless ways to get hyped for the holiday season.

1. Explore the wonderful world of winter tea.

Mmmm tea is a blessing during any season but especially during those winter months when your gloved hands are just beginning to be gracefully wrapped around a holiday-themed to-go cup. For wintry tea delights, I recommend a peppermint tea latte, winter spice herbal tea (think apple and cinnamon notes with a light layer of chamomile), or a zippy candy cane green tea. You are quite welcome.

2. Warm up your chilly ears with some cozy holiday musics.

I am an unashamed holiday music fanatic. I think it’s something about always knowing the words and having nostalgic memories of childhood Christmases but every year I cannot wait until the day after Thanksgiving when I’m finally able to turn up the holiday tunes. This year my favorite collections to listen to are Leslie Odom Jr’s (What is UP, Hamilton) album, “Simply Christmas”, and the album “Winter Songs” sung by various artists and presented by the Hotel Café.

3. Practice your burrito blanket rolling technique.

Sometimes it gets way too cold for this world. Or you realize just how unprepared you are for finals season. Or your best friend gets back together with her terrible ex. Damn you cuffing season! All of these and more are perfectly reasonable and understandable causes to want to curl up away from the world. And now you can do it in blanket burrito form! Winter survival tips you know…

4. It’s cuffing season so find yourself a winter cutie or fluffy dog (the dog...pick the dog).

Cuffing Season as defined by the ever wonderful Urban Dictionary as the time within the winter months when normally happy singles feel the desire to be “cuffed” or tied down to another human. A humble hypothesis of mine is this desire is a survival instinct left over from our cave people days when to be alone during the winter months meant low chances of survival. However, in these modern days cuffing season just means random f boys hitting your cell up and you feeling a weird, unprecedented desire to reply. A simple cure to this is surrounding oneself by the fluffiest puppies imaginable and there are plenty of wonderful shelters that can make that happen. After all, the puppers need some holiday cheer too

5. Embrace your inner holiday elf and GET. TO. WORK.

Trust me, you don’t want to be that person in Macy’s on Christmas desperately seeking last minute presents for your loved ones. So get on that ish! Get out there to the holiday markets and local shops to find something truly special. Because after all, who doesn’t want to be the favorite gift giver? Embrace your inner elf, say your apologies to your poor bank account, and venture forth into the wonderful world of winter consumerism.

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