So this week your schedule is as follows: two papers, one midterm exam, a sorority meeting, an interview at Starbucks for a summer internship, and a novel due by the end of the week. Thinking about all of these things you have to check off your list, you sit there on a Sunday dreading the week in front of you. The amount of weeks I have had which resemble this one is uncanny. College is much different from high school in the sense that you don't necessarily have tedious homework assignments that are "due" every day, but rather time consuming, detailed assignments which are usually set with long-term deadlines. I have found that this is the reason why it can be easy for some people to slip up in college with their grades.

Coming to college, I had a great first semester academically. However, socially I struggled. I spent weekend nights in my room doing homework, extra credit, papers; the possibility of not getting an A on my midterm paper about the Puritans would simply be the end of the world. What I learned in college was that while academics are important and you should put in an ample amount of time at the library, cramming never works. Saving a business research paper (single-spaced might I add) until the last minute just never works out in the end. Time management is key... and your planner is your best friend. Between your clubs, organizations, and intramurals, you have to budget your time wisely. Sure, it is important to have fun along the way, but letting all of your work pile up just leads to a massive anxiety attack that neither you nor your roommate wants to have to deal with.

There are a few key things that I have found to help me in college when I am loaded with work. One being: Use a planner! I cannot stress enough the amount of times my planner has saved me from missing an important meeting with a group for a project, or from forgetting a last minute assignment. Second: yes coffee helps, but don't get in the habit of becoming addicted to that caffeine. Here at Butler we have Flex Dollars, about $300 of them per semester.

I can promise you that a Starbucks a day will blow through those faster than you can say Sweet Cream Cold Brew. Use coffee only on those days where you REALLY need it. Lastly, only get involved in extracurriculars that you really care about and feel passionate about. If you follow this advice, all those meetings and events that are "required" won't feel like chores. College is all about finding your passions and managing your time. If you do that, I promise even your busiest of weeks will feel bearable!