Whether we like to admit it or not, we've ALLLLLL sent a drunk text or five after having a few drinks...or after a few too many. It's just so easy to grab your phone and send a quick message without even really thinking about what you're saying...all about that liquid courage! But what is the person on the other end of the message really thinking...well here's a few answers for you.

Guys, for the most part don't put TOO much thought into it

You're probably right 90% of the time guy...

At least this guy has the decency to make sure the girl is ok, props???

So, you're saying it's only okay for your ex to text you if they are trying to get some..? (Down not done? We will never know)

This guy enjoys a drunk text or two, especially if he's on your level

Ladies, as with most things, put a little more thought into what they are receiving

Dear Drunk Ex, Go to bed (unless you have something nice and/or meaningful to say)

LOL, Get some

Drunk words are sober thoughts?

100% depends on the person they are, or 100% has no idea

Whatever you're thinking, drunk texting your ex is probably never a good idea - unless you're that guy who is all about it if you're trying to get some cause apparently he is too. And most the time we are drunk texting to fulfill some personal needs, which depending on the person could lead to a very very awkward morning after.

But at the end of it, I think we can all agree on one thought when receiving a drunk text...