Get Your BFFs Together And Celebrate Gal-entine's Day
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Get Your BFFs Together And Celebrate Gal-entine's Day

Even if you have a boo, why not make some special memories with your soul sisters? Here are 25 ideas!

Get Your BFFs Together And Celebrate Gal-entine's Day
Photo by Adrienn on Pexels

Who needs a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate Valentine's Day? There are many types of love in this world, not just the romantic type. Let's celebrate the bonds we hold with those closest to us, like our best friends and family. Here are 25 Gal-entine's Day ideas that you can do with your friends in celebration.

1. Host a Movie Marathon

Whether you enjoy romantic comedies or horror films, settle down on the couch with some popcorn for a movie night. If you have trouble choosing a film, I would recommend Blended (2014) or Isn't It Romantic (2019) to start off. They are hilarious and always bring a smile to my face.

2. Spa Day

Why not have a spa day to celebrate you and your bff? You could do face masks and paint each other's nails while listening to relaxing music. It would be a great break from the stressful lives we all live.

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels

3. Get Crafty!

Make some memories by completing DIY projects together. You could find a local art class to attend or plan something at home based on your favorite Pinterest posts.

4. Baking Night

Instead of eating store bought candies, get in the kitchen and whip up some Valentine's Day themed treats with your besties. Cooking is more fun when friends are involved!

5. Game Night

Take the time to bust out your favorite board games or your game consoles.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

6. Beach Night

If you can't take a trip to the beach, why not make your house the beach? Spend the night thinking of sand beaches and unruly ocean waves. Decorate your living room and make some tropical drinks.

7. Take a Road Trip

You don't have to take long trips to make unforgettable memories. Hop in your car and visit local attractions with your best buds.

8. Go for a Hike

Pack up your gear, and hit the local trails. See the natural scenery at its finest.

Photo by Ben Maxwell on Pexels

9. Volunteer

There are many places to volunteer in your community. Contact the local soup kitchen or animal shelter, and try to do some good!

10. Participate in Karaoke

If you and your friends love to sing, bust out the karaoke machine and blare out some old pop song lyrics.

11. Go Shopping

Get your credit card ready, and go support local establishments.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels

12. Participate in Wine and Design

Schedule a visit to make beautiful paintings at Wine and Design. If you'd prefer to stay home, pick up some canvases and do the projects from your living room.

13. Go Get Manis and Pedis

Why not make a trip to the nail salon and treat yourself?

14. Go to the Local Bowling Alley

You can't strike down this great idea!

Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels

15. Go to the Skating Rink

Get some cardio exercise by skating around the local roller-skating rink!

16. Go Ice Skating

You'd have a brrr-y good time ice skating at the local rink with your friends. Plus, you could pick up some rich hot cocoa once you were done.

17. Have an Impromptu Photoshoot

Get your camera ready! It's the perfect time to record the beautiful bond between your you and your besties.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels

18. Go to a Theme Park or Amusement Resort

How doesn't like thrilling rollercoasters?

19. Go to the Zoo

This is the perfect opportunity for you to see the cute baby animals at your local zoo.

20. Have a Bonfire

If you live in the country, get the fire going for a bonfire. Make sure to have graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate to make s'mores.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

21. Have an Exercise Date

If you and your besties enjoy exercising, try a new workout together. You could even sign up for a spin class or yoga session.

22. Go to a Drive-In Movie

If your local drive-ins are open, head over and watch new films.

23. Have a Picnic

Get your picnic blanket and goodies ready! If it's too cold outside to have your picnic outdoors, you could even have an indoor picnic and just enjoy each other's company.

Photo by on Pexels

24. Host a Chopped Night

We have all seen the famous television show, Chopped. Get a list of food supplies, and compete against your friends to see who can make the best dishes.

25. Go Mini-Golfing

Compete against your friends by hitting the golf courses.

Hopefully these ideas will help you plan a great Gal-entine's Day experience with your buds. These ideas would even make great date night ideas as well. I hope they have given you some inspiration. Have fun, and be safe!

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