We've all been guilty of committing the occasional no-no when we're working out, but you all know who I'm referring to when I say that some people have no common courtesy. We've all seen THAT person who goes unnecessarily hard or who's just a little bit full of themselves. This article is for them, or even you, if you're brave enough to identify with one of these taboos.

Girls actually don't like you looking at their butt, imagine that.


You're not subtle, trust me.

Excessive grunting isn't impressive, it's just strange.

The 20 Worst People at the Gym, According to Trainers

If I can hear your grunting over my music, maybe you should try a different weight.

If you're done with a machine, wipe it down.

New to the gym? Experts offer advice | The Columbian

I really would rather not touch your sweat, so thank you, next.

I actually do know how to work the equipment

Should You Help a Stranger Correct Their Form at the Gym? | Fitness ...

Unsolicited advice will never be ok.

Your flexing can wait till' later

The 10 Types of People You'll See At The Gym

I thought the mirror was used to check your form but clearly I stand corrected.

I come to the gym to workout, not chat, crazy right?

Don't Be THAT Guy - Gym Etiquette

More lifty, less talky.

"Resting" between sets

4 Guys You Can't Help But Stalk At The Gym | Frugivore Magazine

I'm all for taking a breather, but snapping your bros pictures of your "workout" doesn't count.

Bringing the WHOLE Squad

Group of young people in crossfit gym exercising their abdominal ...

I'm all for having a workout buddy or two, but bringing Scooby and the gang- think again.

Dropping and Clanking Weights

25 Annoying Things You Should Never Do at the Gym

I know you see that sign "do not slam weights" but just in case you forgot- stop ya nonsense.

I hope after reading this you've picked up on a few things that will make the gym a more enjoyable experience for all of us. We've all been guilty of at least one or two of these so take this advice work them into your workout.