6 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work
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Getting Ready For The Day Is Hard Work, But These 6 Beauty Hacks Actually Work AND Make Mornings Easier

If you don't like getting up early, but still want to look presentable, this one's for you.

Getting Ready For The Day Is Hard Work, But These 6 Beauty Hacks Actually Work AND Make Mornings Easier

Getting ready for the day is hard work, and as a girl who wants to get all dolled up for the day or a special occasion, it can be kind of stressful when your beauty routine takes up hours of your time.

So, as a treat for all of you busy ladies out there, I have compiled a list of my top beauty hacks that actually work. And you can trust me. I am a college student who does not like to get up early — but still wants to look presentable for my busy schedule.

1. Use tape for a sharp edge with your eye shadow and winged liner.

It is so difficult to come up with the perfect crisp edge for those daring cat eyes that everyone knows and loves. For the most part, without any type of boundary in place, you will get a more smoked out appearance than the desired crisp line.

By utilizing tape, you do not have to worry about your boundary moving or getting ruined because you can just throw it away when you are done. Not to mention, using tape allows you to make sure that your angles are the same on both eyes — before you even start your eye makeup application!

Did I mention the tape also picks up the majority of your fall out? I'd say this hack is a win-win!

2. Only line your lower lash line halfway for a more doe-eyed appearance.

Lining your lower lash line can make you look like a raccoon if done incorrectly. Now, I am not saying that this hack is the correct way, but it will help open your eyes up more.

If you want a more doe-eyed appearance, only line your lower lash line halfway. Lining all the way makes your eyes look very hooded and closed off. Even if you just use your transition shade on your lower lash line, you can still look like you have a swollen eye. Only lining halfway will help open up your eyes much more.

3. Tight line your eyes for more full upper lashes.

I know. This one hurts, but it works. If you want a more full looking upper lash line, tight line your eyes. For this hack, bring your liner all the way in. Your lashes suddenly look that much fuller, and they blend in much more to your eyeliner.

I do, however, suggest that you do this step before doing your face makeup because the waterworks will be cued. Performing this hack before your face makeup will save your base and powders from water streaks and a much-needed reapplication.

4. For a more natural blush, apply from your temples to your cheeks.

Applying your blush from back to front will give you a much more natural looking blush. You will look less clown-like if you are one who prefers a bold blush color.

You'll still get that desired pigmentation, but it will appear much more natural on your skin tone.

5. Place your bobby pins in ridge side down.

Everyone knows that a bobby pin has two sides: a smooth edge and a bumpy side. To have your bobby pins secure more, place your bobby pins in ridge side down. Having your pins in ridge side down will create friction that will trap your pins to your scalp.

As a result, your bobby pins and hairstyle will stay more in place throughout the day.

6. Finally, use coconut oil to remove your makeup.

Coconut oil works wonders when you are out of makeup remover. It is all natural and leaves your skin super soft and clear. I have never used a makeup remover quite as amazing as coconut oil, and I have tried a lot as a former dancer, gymnast and thespian.

Coconut oil will be your best friend. Just go over your face afterward, using a wipe or wet cloth to remove the excess oil residue. Then, you are good to go to sleep.

Getting ready for the day is hard work. Utilizing these six beauty hacks, that I know for a fact actually work, will save you the effort and frustration that your normal everyday process or special function will cause. I hope these help you out, and good luck!

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