So often we get comfortable with where are in life. We get comfortable with our friends, comfortable with our hometown, comfortable with our college, comfortable with staying put. But that's just it. We're just comfortable. We're not ecstatic that we haven't met any new people from areas completely different than ours, people that have the potential to teach us so much about both life and ourselves. We aren't thrilled that there really isn't that much to do where we live like there is in the location you visited over break, but it's your home so you stay. We're not amazed by the college we chose and what it brings to us, it's just our education and what we are told we need in order to be successful.

However, what if we stopped just settling for comfort? What if we stopped playing it safe, doing what is expected of us, and just for once lived wildly and freely while following the course of our hearts? It's not easy, by any means. It's not easy to leave behind the things that are comfortable to us, because just because they are comfortable and we could explore so much more doesn't mean they don't mean the world to us.

Now is our time, though. We are young and have the world awaiting us. It's our responsibility to take a firm grasp on it and allow ourselves to venture into the great unknown. It's when you allow yourself to do this, when you allow yourself to test your own personal limits, that you will discover the person you have been trying to find your entire young life. You will find the you that you have been longing for, the you that gives you enough happiness to last your entire lifetime, the you that sparks the self-confidence within that you've been searching for.

If you live the same year over and over again for 85 years, how can you look back and call that a life? Live today so that you can look back with a smile and feel proud that you forced yourself to break out of your comforts and burst into something so foreign yet incredible to you. Don't ever hesitate with your decisions. If you think you want to do something, and you feel a punch in your gut telling you go, then go. Don't start thinking the "what if's" or the "buts." None of that matters.

What matters in this life is that you did the most you could do and did it to the best of your ability so that you don't have any regrets. Get yourself out there and get lost, you just might love where you end up.