"Get Hired Challenge" How Millennials Are Landing Jobs in 2016

"Get Hired Challenge" How Millennials Are Landing Jobs in 2016

3 Concepts That Will Help You Get Hired This Back To School Season


The first month of the 2016 is unapologetically breezing by and for those of us who have vowed to find a new job to match the opportunity of a New Year, seeking employment may have been easier said than done. Speaking from experience, being an undergraduate millennial in the modern-day workforce can be an intimidating and lengthy process. But is finding employment as hard as we are making it out to be?

Last year our generation surpassed baby boomers as the leading presence in the workforce, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. For millennials, those of us who were born in the early 1980's to the early 2000's, there has been a growing global effort to incorporate our youth, education and talent in a variety of industries.

So, how do you tap into the competitive edge that has led our generation to make up some of the strongest candidates in the modern-day workforce? Understanding the following three concepts will help you discover how to use the unique resources that are available to you to help you land the opportunities you're looking for.

Knowledge is Power

"Today, knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement."
- Peter Frankliand Drucker.

This idea that knowledge is power is one that holds true even in modern times. As millennials we have exposure to the world like no other generation before. With an increased exposure to a information all over the world at a moments notice, there should be no reason why we aren't qualified enough to be the only man or woman to get the job done! Brush up your skills using the free online resources that are available to us. Make your self marketable to whatever employer you're looking to impress by signing up for real certifications on websites like Coursera.

Access Granted

Our generation has everything we need at our fingertips to gain the edge that's necessary to come out on top. An increased visibility of the chain of command in a variety of organizations means that it's time to start using it to our advantage, LinkedIn is a great example. It's no longer 2006, a grueling time where you would spend your days on the phone waiting to, maybe, get past the gatekeeper and to the manager to seek gainful employment. With access to recruiters, talent acquisition specialists and store managers it has become that much easier to get in contact with exactly who you need to land the job. This is an art however, and if you do decide that you want to go about getting employment it's important to come correct or not at all.

Know What You Want

One of my favorite things about being in this generation is being able to find a job that you actually love. As a former unemployed, undergraduate millennial, a part-time job was a stretch. I'm grateful to live in a time where student-focused job boards exist like WayUp, a hub for jobs and internships just for students. Job-seeking apps and websites like these are a great tool because they give you a comprehensive look at the jobs you're looking for, while aligning students and young professionals with opportunities to gain experience while pursuing their studies. Say goodbye to the treacherous but familiar tale of an employer welcoming a recent graduate with an unrealistic 10+ years of experience. Websites like WayUp are a great way to get started while you can.

Getting a new job during the new year is an understandably refreshing way to pursue self improvement. As millennials navigating our way through 2016, finding and using the right resources is one of the strongest ways to set yourself up for success. I'm leaving anyone of my readers who are interested, to take on the "Get Hired" Challenge beginning in the month of February. Connect with me on LinkedIn and share your journey in seeking employment!

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