Our Sensitive Culture Needs To Get A Backbone For Christmas

I love when the holiday season rolls around. It's full of joy, lights, harmony, and accusations that previously cherished Christmas songs are politically incorrect. That's right, we live in a time where the beloved classic 'Baby It's Cold Outside' has been accused multiple times that it is a song that promotes date rape. In this song, the woman uses the weather as an excuse to leave a man's house. There has been much controversy around the line "Say what's in this drink?", as people have assumed that date rape drugs are what's in the drink. Makes sense? Not really. Looking at the song culturally that controversial phrase was actually a phrase used in many 1940s films as a joke. But of course, even during one of the happiest times of the year, there has to be some sort of political uproar. So this year I'm asking Santa to give our society a backbone so we can actually enjoy things without analyzing their political correctness because not everything has to be politically correct to be enjoyed.

If we're looking at Christmas in a non-controversial, politically correct manner, there are too many issues surrounding it. I mean, last time I checked breaking and entering a home is illegal, but our beloved Christmas icon Mr. Claus is known for entering the homes of every child that celebrates Christmas, in the world. Not only this but Santa basically promotes one of the biggest sweatshops in the northern hemisphere. By asking Santa for anything this Christmas you get to live with the guilt that an elf, making under minimum wage, endured unethical hours of work to make that toy, just so they could put food on the table. And don't even get me started on the animal cruelty. I mean genetically modifying reindeer so they can fly? Then making them pull your fat ass in a sleigh all night. Santa... come on!

If we're going to demote a Christmas song for being assumedly "rapey" we might as well demote the whole holiday. Christmas is an empire built on an unethical white slave owner who breaks and enters homes. I'm kidding. Let's enjoy the holiday season and try to put aside political correctness. Christmas is about being with family and friends and giving. Let's practice this instead of fine-tuning our holiday season to make it as unproblematic as possible. But, if you still think 'Baby It's Cold Outside' is politically incorrect, I've provided you with the politically correct version of the song.

Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski - Baby It's Cold Outside (Live on The Current) www.youtube.com

Spoiler: The drink is Pomegranate La Croix

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