Nostalgia is a funny thing, putting the emotional and sentimental weight of our childhoods in seemingly irrelevant details. It is the little things over the big monumental moments that evoke the most powerful memories. Being a part of Gen Z, I find myself accessing the most vivid memories of my childhood through the more prominent trends that emerged while I was growing up. These are 8 things that I stand out to me as characteristics of my childhood.

1. High School Musical (and basically every other movie and TV show that Disney Channel put out in the early 2000s)

When I think about growing up… I think High School Musical. Alongside Disney's other legendary shows and movies like Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Camp Rock, High School Musical is debatably one of the most epic products of the early 2000s. Even though I am approaching adulthood at an alarmingly fast, I catch myself reliving my childhood via the HSM soundtrack way too often and I'm not sorry about it.

2. Silly Bandz

This plastic phenomenon took my middle school and the rest of the world by STORM. Long gone but not forgotten are the days that everyone would wear these up to our elbows and gossip about the rare pack that you can only get on the top of the empire state building.

3. Razor Scooters

We all had a love/hate relationship with these guys. One minute you're speeding down the street, the coolest kid in school and next thing you know you're carrying it back inside and catching the bottom of this deadly swinging contraption to the ankle. Game over.

4. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

Okay, admittedly, I never read the Twilight series, but this everlasting debate was still a crucial one for me. Mysterious, ghostly god Edward or chiseled, fierce Jacob? Will either side ever win? Absolutely not.

5. Crocs (and Jibbitz)

Alongside the beloved Heelys, Crocs were a must have back in the day. The Jibbitz you adorned your pair with provided the trend with a creative twist, letting you style your crocs to your liking. Individuality at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

6. The iPod Nano

Before the iPod touch took over the universe, the only thing that could make you cooler than someone with a razor scooter was an iPod Nano. the ability to make playlists and shuffle through your songs on the go with the touch of the finger was all the rage…the only problem was deciding which color to rock.

7. Uggs

I think every single girl got a pair over the holiday break the year of 4th grade. Whether you wore the light cream color or the chocolate brown, with a pair of skinny jeans, a tank top, and a crochet sweater you were good to go.

8. Drake and Josh

I had to save the best for last. Blessing us with their spectacular dynamic and simply legendary one-liners, this show trumped all others. Drake and Josh…you will be remembered until the end of time.

Whether they strike up nostalgic memories or utter annoyance for our generation, we all know we secretly miss these silly trends.