Bodacious body long hair.

Radiant smile you cannot find anywhere.

A boy wonders when can he hit?

Blinded by his amazing looks and convo thinking he is the one for her

But all the homies know he just wants to hit it and quit.

She just wants to feel love.

But hey... What is love?

In a generation so messed up.

We want to do this, we want to do that.

To fit in with a crowd that clearly don't care about us.

But "fitting in" is the new trend in this generation (Right?)

Education is the main key to success.

As the past generation tells us.

We know but we don't care.

We want the fast money known as the dope money.

Want to get high and feel alright

But when depression kicks in

Drugs and alcohol kicks in

To take us away from our unstable minds

But sober... we are still unstable in the mind

Generation...WAKE UP!

Our country...AMERICA


I chuckle to myself when it comes to Election Day

Funny to me... everyone believes what a candidate would say

About what they can do for our country to make people vote for them

Months later...

Finally, realize that they were lying the whole time and wondering why we

selected such a fool?

How many times does it take to show and tell America that he/she

was not the right candidate?

Hmm ... I DONT KNOW.

But let me get off that touchy subject

Social media.

The destroyer of all destroyers.

Internet killers.



So much hatred filling our feeds and needs

Same race hating on the same race

Blacks saying we need to "UNITE AS ONE"


In times like this...

Violence from every corner on the streets

Police Brutality

Losing our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers

Just walking down the street

Unknown kidnappings and killing sprees




but we need to also say


AS minorities...we are all a target in society

Let me start to close out this poem... I have been

Holding you guys up for too long


Freely happening in America

Children that do not even see graduation day

Parents have to see their kids lowered into their grave.

Thinking that schools are the safest place.

No.. now it's the most dangerous place.

Children are just trying to learn and grow

But instead, have to worry about surviving

Instead of learning

...Wake up and smell the coffee

Hear the birds singing

open your eyes

Don't stay asleep