A lot of people, Millennials included, refer to the younger generations as “Millennials". However, anybody born between the late 1990s and early 2000s is considered a member of “Generation Z". Another name for Generation Z is the “iGeneration”, in reference to iPhones. What exactly makes Generation Z different from Millennials?

1. Technology

Generation Z members do not remember a time in their lives without cell phones and computers at home. Both generations have the connotation of being “addicted” to their screens, but Millennials can still call on a time without them.

2. 9/11

Both Generation Z and Millennials were affected by 9/11. However, Generation Z cannot recall a time before 9/11. Personally, I don’t ever remember a time where I didn’t have to walk through some type of security check not only for the airport, but for stadium concerts and games. Terrorism on the news is the norm for Generation Z. They’ve grown up on lockdown drills and taking off shoes in airports.

3. Presidents

For almost half of my life, Obama was the President. I grew up watching healthcare and history change with the first African-American president. Just as we all are coming of age, the country is now under the Trump administration. It’s a huge switch in terms of political views and the type of supporter. Generation Z has been extremely vocal about the changes, and they don’t plan on getting quiet anytime soon.

4. Anxiety

According to Buzzfeed, Generation Z is predicted to be the most anxious generation yet. This is due to growing up in a post-9/11 and 2008 Recession world. Personally, I absolutely believe this. I have lots of friends with general anxiety problems. We always seemed to be worried about something. In a world where we are constantly absorbing information via social media and technology, it can be overwhelming.

5. Entrepreneurship

According to the Huffington Post, Generation Z will be more entrepreneurial. This is due to growing up during the Recession. Most of this generation is worried about money and funding. They dream about starting their own businesses and being successful in hopes of not worrying about their own finances.

I am not a Millennial. I am Generation Z. I grew up in a very different world than my older siblings. Watch out world because here we come.