Four Stages Of Having Gel Nails As Told By GIFs

Getting gel nails is definitely a bit of a money-wasting habit, but they last so much longer than regular polish does and it makes me feel so much more put together. While most of the time I love having gel nails, it has definitely done some damage to my nails. That's the worst stage of gel nails, but the best is picking out a new color!

On our way to get our nails done


The beginning of a wonderful journey, especially when I haven't gotten my nails done in awhile. Going when I'm at school is always a nice treat, or I like to go when I'm at home so I can go to the place I normally go to.

Picking out a fresh color


Every time I go get my nails done, I always pick out a sparkly color. Always. Even when I tell myself that I'll go for something more neutral, I always end up with a sparkly color.

The first chip


Whether it happens because you jammed your finger up against something or it is just over time, your nails will always end up with a chip at some point. That's when you know you'll soon move onto the next stage of having gel nails.

Peeling them off


And this is by far the worst stage. When your nails start to chip, it becomes so tempting to peel off the gel, which is absolutely terrible for them and normally results in some nail damage. However, everyone I've talked to who gets gel nails always says they do the same thing. There is something super satisfying about peeling off the chipping gel.

If you get gel nails, these are definitely some stages you can relate to. If you don't, maybe this will be a deterrent, which it really should be since the gel can wreck your nails over time, even though it lasts longer than regular nail polish. Even though I know what happens each time I get gel nails, I'll definitely be going through these stages yet again!

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