Love Poem

You and I were magical.

Not the cliche kind of magic that is mentioned in every little kid's storybook. Not the surreal kind of magic that supplies wizards and supernatural creatures with superpowers. Not the magic that is used by deceptive magicians only trying to make money, with their transparent tricks.

The type of magic I am referring to is the magic that only those who are in love experience. This magic is what makes you feel alive. This magic gives you more energy and euphoria than any drug or stimulant ever could. It is a long-lasting adrenaline rush. It makes you look at the world differently and see the beauty behind almost everything. It is what makes you feel the same feeling of euphoria, energy, and pure bliss that you feel at the end of a good day, every single day. It makes you finally understand the point of waking up every day and carrying out the same mundane tasks over and over again. It makes everything you are doing in life feel worth it. This magic transforms you into believing that maybe you truly are the person you always desired to be.

You gave me this magic for many, many months. After I discovered that it wasn't the same magic for you, but instead was as deceptive and fake as the magician's cheap tricks used only for their personal gain, I wept for weeks on end and questioned almost everything. Laughter and joy felt impossible, and really just a faint memory. My friends thought I had changed. I thought I had lost myself.

But it turns out, I never lost the magic. Because I have found that magic isn't easily destroyed or created.

My world will always have a touch of the magic you provided to me, and for that, I thank you.

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