Scientists funded by the government, whether the EPA or those at National Parks, the new President, who I refer to as a dictator, has placed a gag order on scientists. The page on the White House website discussing climate change has been completely removed as if to say that climate change doesn’t exist. Agencies such as the EPA have been told to remove all mentions of climate change on their websites as well. The dictatorship has also instructed the EPA to freeze all grants, awards, and scholarships. However, this was all supposed to have been kept silent and secret.

The dictatorship is trying to silence scientists and their research. Science allows us to understand what is happening on our world. Science pushes us forward. Science finds cures for diseases. Science preserves nature. This dictatorship is attempting to destroy all of this.

However, thankfully, some scientists have gone rogue. Twitter accounts of National Park Services were ordered to stop tweeting information about climate change. But, many accounts like Yosemite National Park, Mount Rainier, Badlands National Park, and the National Park Service itself have created alternative Twitter accounts. Many National Parks have created Twitter accounts with the “Alt” word in them. These accounts are run by employees on their own time to try and disseminate information on climate change and how the dictatorship and its policies are affecting our earth.

The dictatorship that has taken power in the White House is attempting to create an oligarchy. Thankfully, scientists are resisting their gag orders in order to give us, the public, information about our earth – whether it is climate change or the animals that will be endangered by the “wall” the dictatorship plans to build. I will continue to support the Alt accounts of the National Parks and continue to spread knowledge that our scientists are being told to shut up.