Little bit,

I love you so much already. I'm not sure who or where you are, but I can truthfully say I am so incredibly excited to meet you.

You probably think I'm cheesy for writing this to you, but last year I wrote one for my big. So in order to keep the family tradition going, here's yours.

Little, I cannot wait to make the best, worst, funniest, happiest, and craziest memories with you. Our friendship will grow into such an irreplaceable sisterhood that will last a lifetime. From boy issues, to karaoke nights, to nights crying in the library over our classes, to dinner dates at the dining halls (and escaping to off campus dining when we can’t eat here anymore), to sporting events, to just hanging out, to movie nights, our memories are yet to come but I know I will love every second of them.

I know that with Greek life and the college life, you will have many people enter and exit your life. It's just a rotation that everyone experiences. Whether it be your best friends, boys, or even classmates, I'm always here for you. Your fam is not one to leave you behind because we are all supportive of one another. That being said, let me introduce you to your fam!!

Your great grand big is incredibly smart. She is motivated and has the determination that will truly make her future bright. She is always there if you need to talk, and loves to be surrounded by her cutie fam.

Your grandbig is smart as well. She is a leader in anything she is thrown into. She loves to get things done and get them done the correct way. Her knowledge is endless, so never fear asking for help! She enjoys having a good time, and using sarcasm is something she does when you least expect it.

Okay so now your big... that's me! I will be there for you (que the famous Friends theme song..). But really. You experience a lot in college and whether we live on campus or are apart for the summer, I'm just a phone call away. I'll be your shoulder to cry on, your forever late night ice cream date, your karaoke partner (I love karaoke, so fingers crossed you do too!), your study date, and your best friend.

...But if there was one word to describe our entire fam, it’d be FUN! We all know how to make the most of any situation and seek out the best times. We’re adventurous, daring, outgoing, and rarely have dull moments. We’ll gladly show you what college is all about!

My hope for our big/little pairing is that it will be different that anyone else's. We will each have an incredible impact on each other's lives, and to know that God has placed you in my life already, without either of us knowing the path He's about to take us down, makes me SOOO anxious to meet you.

I cannot wait to spoil you with gifts, with random motivational texts, with love, and with wisdom. I hope you can trust in me because I will have your back just as much as I know you will have mine. I pray you share your greatest moments with me as well as your lowest moments.

We will be everyone's big/little goals. Our photos and Insta posts will show it but memories made, in the making, and to be made will prove it. I love you so much already.

See ya on the flip side lil nug.

With all my heart,

Your future biggie