Long summer days are the perfect time to get your workout on. Although the heat can be daunting, summer offers the perfect opportunity to switch your workout up with fun activities that get you outside while keeping you cool. Take advantage of the world around you and let the outdoors become your gym!

Go for a Hike

Weather you live in the plains or mountains there are bound to be some scenic hiking trails in your area. Wake up early one morning to beat the heat, grab a friend and get a relaxing hike in before the sun is fully risen.

Go to a water park

Chanel your inner child and spend the day at the water park. Speed walking from slide to slide and treading water in the wave pool are both good ways to stay active. Just be sure to reapply sunscreen!

Walk around your local park

Find a park with lots of good, natural shade and take an afternoon stroll. Spending time in nature is proven to be good not only for your physical well-being but emotional as well.

Ride your bike

Whether you want to start early and get a serious bike ride in before the sun comes up, or you're just trying to casually ride your bike to a friends house, take advantage of this fun pastime that you can only enjoy when the weather is nice.

Have a water fight

Another fun way to channel your inner child — get a group of friends together and pull out your best water guns and water balloons. You will be having so much fun, you won't even realize that you're working out.

Go to the beach

Weather you live near a lake or an ocean, have a beach day. Swim in the water while it's hot and go for a walk on the beach as the sun begins to set for a full day of moving.

Try a new water activity

Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to kayak or paddle board. Try out one of these fun activities this summer and get some seriously Instagram-able pictures from your work out.

Have a traditional pool day

Nothing beats a quintessential day at the pool. Pull out your best swimsuit and head for your neighborhood pool. Break up casual swimming in the shallow end with some laps in the deep end for a better work out!