what to do on your staycation

1. Touring Italy

I have been learning the Italian language, both in school and on Duolinguo. I'd like to actually go there, see the Mediterranean, the history and natural beauty. One of my friends is traveling there for a grad trip. She hasn't studied the language, though.

2. Getting in touch with my roots

Visiting the countries where my family (on each side) originally came from is certainly on my bucket list. Macchu Picchu is one definite destination while travelling through Peru. It's a wonder of the world, after all.

3. Traveling across the USA

There are plenty of states in this country that I have yet to visit. I would imagine the trip to be more memorable and safe if I brought a small group of trusted friends with me. I haven't become so close to someone that I'd be comfortable traveling a long distance but having connections can literally get you places. After all, my sisters are packing their bags now to accompany their friend and her sister on a grad trip to Canada.

4. Working at a summer camp

I never went to summer camp as a kid and signing up as a counsellor may just make up for that. I know I could be of use with arts and crafts or helping with a camp play. I've already asked an organizer if they have any availability.

5. Interning for a dream job

I'm already working a couple of different jobs, both in my hometown.

6. Going on a secret undercover mission

Only in my daydreams!

7. Starting a home economics channel

This could be done from home and it's an idea I've had for a while. I think uploading fun how-to videos about sewing and recipes would be both entertaining and helpful to people who are interested in learning. I just need a house with a better kitchen and more overall space.

8. Volunteering as a missionary

It's also on my bucket list. A lot of the money I'm making is going towards getting my English degree for the time being so there won't be enough to spare for a plane ticket.

9. Adventuring on another world

Also in my dreams!

10. Going back to my old home state

Sure, staycationing in my old home state was dull as anything but returning with the intention of visiting historical or tourist sites is something else. Driving around New England and getting to know the overall region would be on the itinary as well.

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