fort wayne takes down military flags

A few days ago, a United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Ft. Wayne, Indiana removed five flags from their poles, corresponding to the 5 branches of the U.S Military (Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force). The reason behind the removal of these five flags may seriously shock you.

A hospital staff member had the flags lowered, so that one flag could be raised in their places, The LGBT(add other characters here) flag, also known as the "Rainbow" or "Pride" flag was raised.

I personally do not understand the logic behind removing the flags, other than June is "pride" month for the LGBT Community. Even then, the VA hospital has no business flying a social flag on a U.S. Government building. One of the workers said by interview that she did not want to remove just one of the flags and replace it with the pride flag. So instead, they lowered all five from their poles to raise the one pride flag.

My blood pressure skyrocketed the day I read this news. Not only the issue that a U.S owned hospital flew the LGBT flag but the simple fact that the hospital spit in the faces of those 5 branches. My anger brings back one of my favorite quotes by R. Lee Ermy. (I will rip off your head and shit down your neck!) If only.....Mr. Ermy.....if only you could right now.

Rip off your head and shit down your neck!

The soldiers in this hospital did not fight for the LGBT flag, they fought, died, and were wounded under the American Flag. The flag that gives the LGBT a right to even use their flag freely. These soldiers did not take the field for, ans did not die for Transvestites, or Gays and Lesbians.

They fought for the American Citizen regardless of your life choices or mental disorder, yes I went there. American Soldiers fought for the greater good of the American Citizen, not the advancement of your hobby organization.

This issue is similar to Brian Teal's Article, When a pornagraphic magazine replicated the Iwo Jima flag raising photograph.

This time however, the circumstance are different, much different. Ft. Wayne hospital is no ordinary hospital. It is funded and
ran by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. So yes, this is a government owned building.

All Military, regardless of sexual orientation fought for the advancement of the American Citizen, not an organization, as previously stated. The did not fight for gay, straight, or even equal (race) rights, they fought to preserve and strengthen the freedom of our country.

When the issue about what flags they would remove to fly the pride flag at Ft. Wayne hospital arose, logically I would assume they at least took into consideration the seriousness of what they were doing. Instead, they staff pressed on the issue and all five flags were lowered.

People such as Audie Murphy, Gen. George Patton, and R. Lee Ermy, these men must be rolling in their graves knowing their military branches were dishonored at their own hospitals.

The issue of a pride flag being raised at a VA hospital arises many questions for myself, as well as others I'm sure.

Were the branch flags properly lowered, folded, and cared for?

Who bought and paid for the Pride flag, The VA? A staff member?

How long did the Pride flag fly?

Were the branch flags properly respected when re-raising them?

Private business occasionally mix themselves into the dirty business of politics. Most of them change their company colors or superimpose a pride flag over their logos to represent their "respect" for the pride community. This however is not an issue in this case because business are privately funded and have no regulation on what flag to fly.

The issue in this case is that a VETERAN HOSPITAL removes 5 flags representing the branches of their patients, and replaces it with a non-governmental, LGBT flag.

In my opinion, the staff member that allowed this should face immediate termination as well as revocation of benefits. If you are working with the VA and you make a decision such as this to not only dishonor veterans, but their branches as well, there is an even higher chance this person is likely to disrespect these patients personally.

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