Dear FSU, Please Stop Spamming My Phone With Storm Alerts

Dear Florida State University,

The key word here is "Florida", as in the really weird state where the unordinary seems to happen quite frequently, especially the weather (and that "Florida Man," of course.) If you are a true Floridian, like many students at Florida State, you know that the nickname "sunshine state" doesn't quite entirely live up to its name. The weather is extremely unpredictable and changes as often as I could blink. A little torrential downpour doesn't phase us. We have hurricane parties, we still go out to the beach, and we still have things to do and places to be.

So, Florida State University, from one Florida native to another, please stop spamming my phone with storm alerts each time there is a "severe thunderstorm." Let's be real here, you can text me: "A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for the FSU main campus. Seek shelter immediately in the nearest building, away from doors and windows" but you and I both know that a "severe thunderstorm" is not accounted for in the university's attendance policy and therefore, I am still required to walk up Mount Diffenbaugh to my classes and arrive soaking wet.

Not to be dramatic, but there is absolutely no reason why my phone should be blown up with as many storm alerts as you send me. Honestly, I think that you should invest the same amount of energy into sending mass alerts that the students will actually care about. If Florida State University wanted to blow up my phone with alerts about free events and things being given away (especially free Chick-fil-A on Landis), accurate information for how full the garage actually is (although, you can send me all the storm alerts you want if you build more parking spaces), and even philanthropy opportunities and updates (recognition for the hard work put into events like Dance Marathon is well deserved.)

Next time you want to blow up my phone with storm alerts, don't. Ask yourself instead, "is it really necessary to send out 9 text messages and 7 emails to the student body regarding the weather outside?" And yes, I counted the exact amount of text messages and emails sent to me within a span of f i v e minutes last time you decided to send out mass alerts to everyone, I have the receipts to prove it.

If you're going to spam my phone with alerts as aggressively as you do, make it genuinely informative and worth my while.


A student who is over it.

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