The sighs and disappointed comments have probably been more common than you'd like lately, huh? Especially during basketball season which should be the best time of the year here on Lancaster Ave. The reigning National Champions just aren't playing the way that Villanova does. And trust me, this change can be hard to deal with. Going from a team that blew out most teams in their path in Nova style to breaking streaks we've had for years can be just plain rough.

Of course it's frustrating to watch Villanova basketball right now when we're used to racking up National Championship rings and enjoying being in that #1 spot for weeks on end. It's hard to lose when, well, you're just so used to winning (with ease).

Nova fans must first realize that it's okay to be angry. We all knew we couldn't be perfect forever, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt just a little when we slip up.

But we need to remember second that we still are Villanova basketball. Young or not. #1 or not. We are Nova. We cannot expect to win forever, but at least we're Villanova forever. 1985, 2016, 2018 Natty Champs, along with an endless list of other awards.

If some fans could wait 31 years for another championship win, we can rough out these bad couple of games.

If there's one thing we know about Jay and his team, it's that they know how to put on one great show. So, let's stay positive and accept that all of this is just part of the show. (And we can also hope that this little jolt will bring Pavilion tickets back down to Earth.)

Never forget that once a wildcat, always a wildcat. In good times and bad, even if the bad includes basketball season.