From The Girl Who Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin

From The Girl Who Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin

I am not even close to perfect, but I am good enough for me.

Lately, on social media, there has been a lot of body negativity floating around. From girls being too skinny, too thick, not curvy enough, too curvy, wrong skin color, etc., the negativity is extreme. And it's ridiculous. We have come so far in society, yet are so ancient in our standards of what we expect people to be. No one is perfect, period. There should be no standards, period — because each and every one of us was created differently.

Social media is the worst contributor to this negativity. It breeds it. You see celebrities on Instagram with a million likes and the constant repeat of the comment "bod goals." But most of that isn't even real. It is photo editing apps, filters or plastic surgery. And why are they goals? Why isn't the girl next door 'bod goals'? Why does everyone have this idea of what people are supposed to look like?

I'm done. I'm done comparing myself to others. I'm done thinking I'm not tan enough, or curvy enough, or in shape enough, or "perfect" like some others girls because that is not realistic. I'm 5'7, 116, with naturally dirty blonde, light brown hair, freckles, small curves and am a little "bony." I have scars from barrel racing, and scars from endometriosis. I have a messed up pupil from an eye injury. I have a unibrow when not kept after with tweezers. I don't have perfect teeth, even after braces. I have a pimple every now and then. I am not perfect. Not even close. But that is okay.

I am okay with myself. I don't have to have the curves of Kylie Jenner. I don't have to have the looks of Selena Gomez, Jennifer Anniston or Adriana Lima. They are all beautiful, yes, but I don't have to look like them to be my own kind of beautiful. And neither does any other girl on this planet. Or guy for that matter. We are all our own person and we were meant to be that way. The world would be horribly boring if everyone was the same.

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I am comfortable in my own skin. I will wear eye shadow even though it draws attention to my odd shaped pupil. I will wear shorts or a swimsuit even though they show the scars on my leg or my abdomen. I'll accept my unibrow when I don't have time to go get it fixed by my stylist (thanks, Stevie). I'll smile in pictures because my teeth are good enough for me. I don't need anyone's approval. I have my own approval. I am okay with all my flaws and who I am and that is all that matters.

My prayer for this world is that one day all these "standards" will be thrown out the window, and everyone will be comfortable in their own skin.

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Don't miss out on your life, waiting for it to start

Always planning ahead, thinking about the future? Maybe it's time to shift your focus to the life happening right now


Maybe it’s a typical type A personality or some nonsense like that thing, but I think it happens to all of us: we live with our eyes on the future. We work hard and spend little to get the number of zeros on our savings account to a comfortable level and we politely refuse the piece of chocolate cake at a party to keep our weight healthy and cholesterol in check, always keeping the future in mind, whether it’s near or years off. It makes sense, right? If we work hard now, we’ll live comfortably later and thank ourselves for all the sensible decisions we’ve made.

Lately I’ve been asking myself whether it’s really that sensible, though. I mean, when is ‘later’? When have I worked hard enough to finally let the reigns loosen a bit? By the time what I now think of as later has arrived, I will most likely keep doing what I do for the sake of later. And what if later never comes? The future is unpredictable: if you think about it, you could die or lose control over your limbs at any second. What if you’ve been putting your life off for later, only for later to never come?

If we’re not careful, we find ourselves waiting our entire life for ‘the perfect moment’, pushing things forward because it’s not the right time yet. When will it click that the perfect moment doesn’t exist? There will always be a reason to not to it right now, especially if you’re afraid, whether that’s subconsciously or out in the open.

What got me thinking about this, was a tattoo. I’ve been planning to get a tattoo since I was a tiny girl in middle school, always thinking about what I would get etched on my skin – there you have it – later. I mean, in that moment the ‘later’ made sense, since I wasn’t yet old enough to legally hop into a tattoo parlor and get some inks, but I’ve been old enough for a while now yet still only planning, never following through. This year, I thought I would finally push myself and get one. So, in September, I said I’d get it in December. December comes around, and guess what? I pushed it to March. And here’s the thing: if I keep going like this, I highly doubt I will ever get a tattoo at all, always pushing it off because later might be a better moment. 

I think we should collectively shift our focus from the future to the present. In fact, it’s clear that we’ve been longing to do so for a while now. How long have mindfulness and meditating becoming more normal, right? But while it might be doable to focus on the present on the yoga mat, it’s proven a lot harder to implement that same amount of presence in our day to day life.

If you recognize yourself in what I’m writing – take this as a reminder. Don’t miss out on life because you have tunnel vision for the future. Loosen the reigns on yourself a bit: it’s not a crime to treat yourself, to spend some of that hard-earned money on a thing you actually like, to take a break and spend quality time with friends or go on a trip. Right now is all you’ve got.



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