Yes, I'm From Ohio. No, I Am Not A Wild Animal

Yes, I'm From Ohio. No, I Am Not A Wild Animal

Yes, I'm A Long Way Away From Home.

Yes, I am from Ohio. No, I'm not a wild animal.

Shocking right?!?!

One of the most interesting things about moving 800 some miles away from Ohio is the fact that everyone acts like I'm an endangered wild animal. Given, my tag plate is the first give away. People say all the time, "Your tag is Ohio, you are a long way from home."

Thank you for noticing that there is a great distance between Kansas and Ohio. It doesn't matter if I'm going through a drive-through or getting out of the car to go shopping--they always notice it.

One of my other giveaways is that my driver's license is an Ohio ID and my phone number area code is 614, way far off from the local 785. My favorite is when people get annoyed when they have to press backspace on the area code they had entered and assumed it was. Like, I'm sorry, I'm not from here.

People have told me I talk weird. Kansas is considered both a Great Plains state and a Midwestern state. I do not know how I talk weird, but hey, thanks. To me, everyone sounds the same here.

Another favorite question of mine, "Why are you wearing Ohio University attire? Do you go to school there? Do you drive or fly when you come back? Why don't you go to K State?"

Usually, they come in a string exactly like that. So the answer is recited back, "I'm from Ohio. I went to school there and now I go online. KState isn't that great and they wouldn't transfer me."

Once it's established that I'm from Ohio, the fun questions begin. (Note: sarcasm)

"What's the weather like?"

"Why is it called the Buckeye State?"

"Exactly how far away is it?"

"Do you have tornados?"

"Do you have hurricanes?"

"Does it touch an ocean?" (My favorite thing ever asked.)

"Why do you hate Michigan?"

"Does it snow a lot?"

"How big is it compared to Kansas?"

"Is it flat or rolling?"

"Are your summers hot?"

"Are the winters long and cold?"

"What do you do for fun?" (Second favorite because there is NOTHING to do in Kansas)

"What kind of food do you eat?"

"Do they farm there?" (All time dumbest question)

"How are you so tan?" (I laid by the pool because there is NOTHING to do here)

"Why did you move here?" (Love. Sadly. Love.)

I'm not sure why people are so fascinated with me being from Ohio? I mean that's the question I want to be answered.

Cover Image Credit: Miguel Vieira Via Flickr

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Live your best life, all around the world.

I am a travel enthusiast. There is nowhere I do not want to go.

Traveling the world is one of my biggest goals in life and I am determined to make it happen. The world is so big and I would love to see every inch of it at some point or another.

However, if I can travel to these 30 places before I turn 30, I will feel as though I have accomplished more than enough.

1. New York City, New York

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

5. San Francisco, California

6. Los Angeles, California

7. Nashville, Tennessee

8. Honolulu, Hawaii

9. Walt Disney World, Florida

10. Chicago, Illinois

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13. Cancún, Mexico

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Okay, so these are 30 places I want to go out of like, a million. I have traveled to some of these places and would not hesitate one second to go back.

Every new place is like a new adventure, and traveling will forever be so exciting and intruiging to me.

Cover Image Credit: Maisa Teat

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Setting Sail at Sunset on The Schooner Pride

The Schnooer Pride hosts Charleston-area locals and tourists alike on sunset cruises around the Charleston Harbor.

The Schnooer Pride hosts Charleston-area locals and tourists alike on sunset cruises around the Charleston Harbor.

6:00 PM, Having Just Boarded the Schooner Pride:

All is right in the world aboard The Schooner Pride at the end of April in Charleston, South Carolina--seagulls gawking in the wind, the waves bristling about below, the sound of rope to hand as crew members hurriedly scatter about the vessel, dolphins gracefully playing a game of hide-and-go-seek with those aboard the boat, the smell of simply sweet miniature waffles, and the subtle murmur of fellow passengers flowing in both ears--life doesn't get any better than this.

I realize why sea captains of old deemed Charleston "The Holy City," as steeples tower over the flatscape of the peninsula. The Sullivan's Island Lighthouse, The Ravenel Bridge, and The U.S.S. Yorktown are too in plain sight. The vessel twists and turns about the harbor so that passengers on both sides of the boat find delight in the sight of each-and-every landmark visible from the water of the Charleston Harbor.

8:00 PM, Nearing the Docks of the Aquarium Wharf:

As the sun sets behind the steeple-ridden skyline, I can't help but find beauty in the notion that I am from such an incredible city. From the angles provided by the boat-view of the city, Charleston isn't too big, and it isn't too small. It's just the right size. Suddenly, traffic and the honking of horns in the suburbs isn't bothering me, and the plight of parking downtown isn't so bad either. The Holy City is quite literally holy and lovely. Lovely? I know, my word choice seems like a cliche description of a cityscape that deserves more of a grandiose, pompously southern response. But, this isn't Southern Charm, so I have chosen the word "lovely." Because, perhaps, such a description is simply Charleston. She is lovely. I can't bring myself to post to Instagram or stand to snap a photograph with my friends at this moment. I take it in. I admire the scenery around me. I become one with the subtle ripple of the waves around me. I am at peace.

8:30 PM, Walking Down the Gangplank in Thought:

The Schooner Pride, a mere sailing vessel, overtakes my perspective of the city, I have taken my home for granted. I am disembarking from the boat acutely aware of my surroundings. My friends and I stroll past the tree-lined epicenter of the South Carolina Aquarium and swiftly cross East Bay Street. Even the parking garage is "nice" when compared to such facilities elsewhere. I am suddenly overflowing with gratitude for the All-America City.

Today, In Reflection:

One week later, the impact of my voyage still lingers overtop my heart. From one wanderer to another, this sunset sail, The Schooner Pride, will not disappoint anyone with whom she encounters.

Cover Image Credit: Katherine Stall

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